Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So Big Bad Bill O'Reilly Posts His List........

According to Bill, and I qoute,
"The following media operations have regularly helped distribute defamation and false information supplied by far left websites:
- New York Daily News
- The St. Petersburg Times

These are the worst offenders. In the months to come, we expect to add more names to this list. We recommend that you do not patronize these operations and that advertisers do the same. They are dishonest and not worth your time and money."

Thats it thats, the best you could come up with, those 3 media operations are the worst, the meanest, the nastiest leftwing nutjobs you could come up with. Okay, Okay I guess the operative words in the list are media operations, blogs and bloggers don't count right, I mean the left blogosphere has been waiting with baited breath for this list, trying their best, to out bash, and out defame, on the off chance that they might crack it. Your list was like the leftwing blogosphere's version of the Billboard Top 100......... but Bill oh my sweet Bill all you could come up with was 3 MSM outlets, where is your imagination, we were depending on you Bill. Either you haven't got the stones to confront the true leftwing, you are seriously delusional, or the brass at Fox are feeling squeezed in the New york, St. Petersburg, and 24 hour news markets, cuz I am sorry this list is bogus, its garbage (the French pronounciation gar'baj'), it wasn't worth our wait Bill, please try harder...... and by the way, um $49.95 for a premium membership, just inorder to join your message boards, is a little excessive no, I guess you are filtering that for poor lefties as well. Bill, you sir a boob.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Liberal MP Wants To Ban Fiddy From Canada

Liberal MP Dan McTeaque wants to ban rapper 50 Cents from Canada. The hugely successful 'gangsta' rapper 50 cents, or Fiddy, is just about to begin a tour through Canada, starting in Vancouver and moving east, stopping in T.O, Mtl, Ottawa, Halifax, and Saint John. McTeague a Toronto MP, believes what with the dramatic rise of gun violence in T.O., that Fiddy and his Gangsta rap lyrics could lead to even more violence in Canada's largest city. Fiddy does have a criminal record, and he would need some kind of special ministorial paperwork to enter Canada, so a ban is possible, if McTeaque can garner enough anti gansta rap buzz. This is a load of horseshit.... sensorship, is sensorship even when its wrapped in the most noble of P.C. bows. The problem of gun violence in T.O and throughout urban Canada is not gonna go away by simply banning or sensoring gangsta rappers. How about tougher gun laws Mr. McTeague, no not a la the botched gun registery, why not ban the sale of all hand guns, assault weapons, everything down to but excluding hunting rifles. Ban the sale of bullets except for rifle shells as well. Why not spend some money in the inner cities, oh on gyms, community centers, schools, skate parks, ah libraries. Why not promote urban youth culture, celebrate it, fund some urban music festivals, try and engage the urban youth, strike a dialogue, let them know you care. BAN GUNS NOT MUSIC!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Oh My God The Cable Is Out!!!

Big wind storm up here in Nova Scotia, could be worse, I mean its snowing in Ontario and Quebec, but shit the cable has gone down. Now this shouldn't be such a bad thing, I could read or surf the web, or blog like I am doing right now, but damnit for the first time in 3 weeks I actually remembered that the Rick Mercier Report was on tonight, and I was all stoked to watch it. Oh well I had mentioned in a previous post that nature was on my side for once, but old Mother Nature always has way of showing you who is boss..... why oh why did I have to provoke her. Well the power is still up for now, I will surf on, who knows maybe I will be back later to ramble on some more.
Some Rainy Tuesday Canadian Politics

When you are a grunt, a workingclass lowlife, when you work outside, well most of the time it pretty much sucks, its too hot or buggy in the summer, and well its just damned cold in the winter. But nature which usually works against you, sometimes produces a day so miserable, so snotty, that yes you get the day off..... today is one of those days, kisses Mother Nature. So with this wonderful surprise day off, today I decided I should try and tackle some Canadian politics, funny cuz well, I really haven't written much on the Canadain political scene lately.... yes I guess there are some things to talk about, what with Gomery, and a possible Christmas election looming, its just I think, I like most Canadains right now are kinda blah about the whole show up there on the hill.
I don't think that we as Canadains are that put off by the idea of a Christmas election, cripes most of us aren't gonna vote anyway. Why, why aren't Canadains really engaged in the political process. Apathy, maybe, mistrust of politicians in general, probably, a lack of any real sexy choice to lead the country, ya that sounds about right.
I think that the electorate would like to punish the Liberals, for the Sponsorship program, I think that if there was any leadership within any of the opposition parties, that the Liberals would be trounced a la Kim Campbell and the Tories in the early 90's. But I can't see either the Conservatives, or the NDP garnishing enough buzz, showing enough political mojo to even form a minority government themselves. I would say that 60-70% of Canadians will not vote Conservative, or NDP simply on ideological lines, leaving the Liberals again with the uncanny ability to chew up the centrist vote, and well win yet another minority government. So we are left with what, millions of dollars spent campaigning, more Liberal spending sprees, a coupla or three debates on what maybe Gomery, um tax cuts, hmmm soft wood lumber, ya ya seperation, can't forget the Bloc, and and yes what is it ya ya health care. So after we have all gained the 15 pounds due to Christmas gluttony, we will wake up sometime in say Feburary, in the same mess we are in now, but with a maxed out Visa bill to boot.

Ummm Torture, Rummy Its Finger Lickin' Good

The Bush Admin are without a doubt the most vile, malicious and evil sons'o'bitches ever to hold power in the US. Notwithstanding their lies which lead to the invasion of Iraq, the complete failure in finding Bin Laden, their famous tax cuts for the rich, while racking up the largest deficit in US history, and the constant fear mongering for votes. No the thing that separates this Admin from any other on the scale of evilness, is their support for and attempted legitimizing of torture. Torture ladies and gentlemen is barbaric. It is a technique without any proven interrogation benefits, and well no modern nation, let alone the only world Superpower, with their supposed moral authority should condone. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, all those evil old bastards that are holding court in the US, should all be charged with war crimes, the American people should stand up and scream that at the very least this administration should be purged from top to bottom. If the United States is the bastion of freedom, the proud protectors of rights and liberties, well now is the time for these great abstract values to shine. Stand up to the neo-cons, stand up for your constitution, stand up for the rest of the world..... its time for a beautiful revolution in the US.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hello World

Just some props to my sister who just gave birth to another beautiful daughter Abaigeal or Abby for short. What this means of course is that I am now the proud transcontinental uncle of 2 nieces Emily ( the jammy faced, curly haired wonder on the left) and Abby the 10 pound 4 ounce newborn bruiser on the right. Congrats sis you da man, um I mean woman.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some Thursday Evening Distraction

Okay, so were the PM of Japan Junichiro Koizumi, and Canada's Foriegn Minister Pierre Pettitgrew seperated at birth, or do the simply share the same high priced Toyko hairdresser?

Tired of beating around the Bush?

I grew up in the 90's, I was all about the whole gen x lifestyle, wore the combat boots, the plaid shirts, was convinced that Curt Cobain was the greatest American song writer ever. I also thought myself as a skater, huh funny cuz I could barely do an ollie.... which gets me to the point, I was at least by skateboard standards a poser, I was all about the lifestyle but hadn't the skills to back it up. The whole gen x thing was a kinda backlash of authority, not the only generation that questioned authority by the way but the one which I grew up in and damnit I will argue its virtues against, the beatniks, or hippies any day. Where I am I going with all this, what has this got to do with Bush bashing, I am getting there, trust me. The mainstream media, the liberal media, corporate media, whatever the hell they call themselves today, have finally jumped on the bandwagon and are now taking shots of their own at the Bush admin. Now we here up in the Frozen Socialist North, and yes the leftwing bloggers in the good old US, have not only known that the Bush admin were full'o'shit, but yes we have been screaming our lungs out for oh ah maybe 5 years or so. So now probably because of falling poll numbers, and well yes mounting scandals, the mainstream media was made what was once cool, hip, rebellious even, uncool, unhip, so are we now posers for bashing the Bush, I am not sure, but it sure seems to have lost its lustre.... or maybe has just gotten way to easy.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

When A Historical Revisionist Blames Others Of Rewritng History

Lest we forget, was it not George W. Bush that said in his State Of The Union Adress in um 2003 that there was creditable intelligence that Iraq had obtained yellow cake uranium from Niger.....which was a lie. Was it not Bush's Secretary of State Colin Powel, who was toddled off to the UN with trumped up intelligence showing "evidence" of WMD sites in Iraq...... was it not Bush himself that said that Saddam Hussien had ties to Al Qaeda, this also a lie. So what have we learned, well 3 of the Bush administrations reasons for going to war with Iraq where yes you guessed it lies.
Fair enough, Bush misled, lied, or was at best way to eager to believe faulty intelligence, inorder to push for war in Iraq. In his Veteran's Day speech he would have us now believe that it is the Democrats who in a deplorable play for political leverage have sold their souls to the anti-war movement, and are rewriting history, because they who once supported the war when viewing the same intelligence as the Administration, now claim that the Prez misled America to war. This he claims is an affront to the brave men and women serving over seas, and yes you guessed it very unpatriotic. Wow his logic is mind numbingly twisted. The Bush administration had done everything in its power to convince the American people, its politicians at both ends of the political spectrum, and yes the world, that Saddam was a creditable threat to the US and the world, they where able in their sick but brilliant way to convince many Democrats, and even some allies that this intelligence was strong enough for war........ and now and now my friends, now that most of this prewar intelligence has been rebuked, its the Democrats and the anti-war movement that are rewriting history. My favorite quote from the Bush speech had to be this: Bush said "evil men obsessed with ambition and unburdened by conscience must be taken very seriously and we must stop them before their crimes can multiply." Wow there is a man that really knows himself.... oh right he was talking about Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler, my bad.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Official Member Of The Century Club

Look at me, look at me, I have 100 hits on my little counter down there. This is a little off cuz I only figured out how to put the old bean counter there oh about a month ago, and well my blog is like 3 months old but..... wow 100 folks got sucked into the abyss that is my infrequent ramblings, suckers.....but thanks to everyone that has stopped by. Just think maybe you are #101.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jack Layton Is The Prime Minister

So earlier this week Jack Layton and the NDP decided to finally pull their support from the Liberals saying that they would vote against the minority Liberals in a vote of confidence. Wow, Harper's Cons, and Duceppe's Bloc must be beside themselves....right, ah right..no? The two opposition parties the Conservatives, and the Bloc Quebecios who have been screaming at the NDP for supporting the Liberals, and being in bed with corruption, now seem to have lost their mojo......afraid that a Christmas election might turn off voters, Harper and Duceppe now want to paint Jack Layton as the Grinch.... its now up to Jack to decide when to bring down the Liberals, neither the Cons, or the Bloc will use their Opposition days to call for a Non Confidence Vote.
Riddle me this how can it be that the NDP, who have a meagre 19 seats in the house now hold the balance of power in Parliament..... not that I mind, I am a big NDP supporter, and from what I have seen, in this clusterfuck that has been the Martin minority government, its been the NDP and the NDP only that has tried to get anything done.
So Jack I am for now on going to call you PM Layton, not only have you authored the only significant peice of business in this last term, that being the Budget, you know seem to be the only one with the balls to let the people judge you on your work...... good luck buddy, and remember every other political party out there is gonna want to screw you, trust no one, but hold your head high, maybe Canada will notice.

France Is Burning

Every night for close to 2 weeks the suburbs of Paris and many other towns in France have seen rioting, burning cars, and damaged buildings. The rioters mostly young, poor, and of North African orgin, began rioting in response to the death of 2 young men who were elecrocuted to death while trying to hide from police in an electrical control box in a subway station. This may have been the match that lit the fuse, but the cause of these riots is much more complex.
I love France the ideas of truth, liberty, and freedom of rights, do not originate from the US, although they may hold the copyrights, they come from France, the French Revolution and the development of the Republic. That being said, these riots are a response to good ideas that have not been updated to be relevent in modern Europe. Take for example the French immigration policy, in it every new immigrant that comes to France is considered a frenchman.... there are no Franco-Algerians, no Franco-Britians, in a perfect world this may seem like a noble idea, everyone in France is an equal member of the Republic, gone is the notion of racial profiling. But racism like everywhere else on the planet is rampant in France, for example, I recently read in www.guardian.co.uk and I qoute "One study last year found, for example, that a man with a classic French name applying for 100 jobs will get 75 interviews. A man with the same qualifications, but with an Algerian name, will get just 14." France has no equal oppurtunity type employment laws, so although you are French if you live in France, things are much easier for a Pierre then say for an Abdulah. Add to this the hording of North Africian immigrants into slum like exisitences hidden outside the cities in suburbs where the unemployment rate hovers around 40%, and well a spark of any kind might set off riots.
Now of course these recent riots have cast France in a bad light, and disservedly so. When you have the minister of the Interior making statements like these rioters are scum, that they should be Karcherized out France, and pushing for expulsions, well then maybe the world should thumb their collective noses at France. That being said, the immigration policies of Britian, the United States, and Canada, really are not that much better, and racial profiling and unexceptable slum like neighbourhoods with high unemployment exist equally throughout the western world. That the poor and disfranchised have taking to the streets in France maybe a black eye to France, but it is not all that unexpected, nor should the rest of the Western world believe it could not happen to them.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Some Sunday Politics

Both G.W. Bush and Paul Martin were probably quite happy to be at a conference outside their respective countries. Bush and admin are in a pile of poop right now what with plamegate, Cheney=torturelover, and the Democrats finally showing the stones to question the validity of the intelligence which lead to the Iraq war. Bush's approval rating is at historic lows somewhere between 39-35% depending on the poll. So although Bush would probably like nothing more then to slink back home to the ranch and do some biking, must have felt quite relieved to be out of the States irregardless of the protests or failed agenda of the Conference of the Americas.
Canada's PM must have been quite happy to have been out of town as well. Although the intial Gomery Report exonerates Mr. Martin, the stench of this scandal has damaged the Liberal brand irregardless of his attempts to distance himself from the Chretien camp. Martin who would have liked nothing more then to have come back to Ottawa with a Canadian lead free trade iniative for the America's, leaves Brazil emptyhanded, and finding his minority government in most polls in a dead heat with the Conservatives, and at the mercy of the political whims of the NDP leader Jack Layton, who holds the balance of power right now.
Although it must have been nice for both Bush and Martin to have been out of their respective countries, they return from a failed conference, with nothing to deflect the attention from their problems. So all and all, its been a tough week for the leaders of the US and Canada, and from I can tell it does not look like its going to get any better soon. Kharma?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Even More Fun With Pictures

Wow, when I saw this one at www.wonkette.com I had to steal it. Man it seems to me that good old Chucky has found a spot that Dubya had never hit....... To quote an old fella I recently did some work for, 'good night, don't you know nothing bout sex, he was goosin her man'. Have some fun be perverted be brash.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jean Chretien Shows Some Balls

God I have missed Jean Chretien, now I am not a Liberal, nor do I really believe much of anything he might say, but his fiery spunk always makes me smile. So Gomery in his primilary report exonerated Paul Martin, but placed blame for AdScam squarely on the shoulders of Jean Chretien.......... well the former PM responded by coming out swinging. His openning statement was something like, as the Prime Minister at the time, I take responsibility for anything bad or good that happened, he said that he feels angry about the corruption that stemmed from the Sponsorship Program, but felt that the program in itself was a good one that played an important role during the referendum of 10 years ago. Chretien believes that his former chief of staff Pelletier should be exonerated, and that the blame for the whole mess should be placed on Chuck Guite. With advise from his lawyer he has decided to challenge the findings of commission on the basis of evidentry bias. He spit fire at Gomery, saying that Gomery is to closely tied to Mulroney and his lawyers, and that any witnesses that may have represented Chretien in a positive light were mysteriously omitted. My favorite part of his whole press conference had to be when questioned about how he felt about the 10 people that were kicked out of the Liberal party, responding that he didn't realize he had that power, and if he had....bas la, or vraiment, couldn't really here his response over the damned tranlator, but his whatya think I would do expression, was obviously directed at Paul Martin... it was a thing of beauty.
So again this whole thing could be all a charade from a crotchity old man trying to save his legacy, or further evidence of the Chretien Martin fued blown over, or Chretien Vs Mulroney, whatever it is I can't get enough of it. The Little Guy From Shawinagan is pure entertainment something that has been missing on the Canadian political scene since he left.