Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have neglected my blog, maybe its the fact that it is the summer, and I would much rather spend my spare time sitting in the backyard with a beer and a book, maybe its the hours wasted everyday chatting on MSN to a certain little lady, maybe, but I am more inclined to think it is the fact that I have lost any an all interest in Canadian politics.
Yes its summer, the people that are running this great country are taking it easy, Parliament is closed, policy is not being debated, there are no bills to be passed. Its more then that though, Harpo is pressaphobic, he hides, makes a statement every week or so, for example his blind support of Israel vs. Hezbollah, in the recent CNN production Crisis In The Middle East. Sure Harpo and is minions have made some slip ups, like Steve's no show at the Aids conference in T.O. last week. But all and all this is the quietist, government in Canadian history.
I guess, the Cons figure that, with such a weakened, almost non-existent opposition (where is Jack anyway) they might as well keep quiet, stay right were they are in the polls, and hope that the Canadian electorate, so disinterested in politics, blindly hand them a majority government next time around.
This is all I have got, shit I might not post again for another month, who knows, hard to write something when there is nothing to write about.


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