Saturday, April 22, 2006

Everything Is a Mess.....

o I have been neglecting my blog. Yes I have been busy. I have been wasting my brain and time, on internet dating sites, it has gotten to the point where I have 6 or 7 girls on the go at once and well I can't keep up, and I am losing interest. Be warned of Russian penpals, they tend to really take the whole serious relationship to heart....They really seem to want to hook up with North American boys. To bad because all I want to do is talk Russian politics, history and writers..ugh.

I have not been totally oblivious of the news..Yes Iran freaks me out, and well this whole Afghanistan thing is getting out of hand. Am I concerned that Iran has nuclear weapons, well yes, but no more so then say I am that the American administration, yes Bush and Rummy have way more weapons of mass destruction, and well seem to believe they have the moral right to employ them. Do I believe that the US and yet another version of the "Coalition of the Willing" will pre-emptively attack Iran, um er yes, when are those midterm US elections anyway? How about the gases prices, military bravado and hotair sure do help the gas companies' bottomline eh?

We find ourselves in a similar situation as we did pre Iraq War II, the admin (now with their backs to the wall, scary) are thumping their chest, once again playing the weapons of mass destruction, rogue nation card. The difference is that our government, Harpo and the bunch seem much more willing to jump on the whole War on Terror bandwagon. I for one, being a hippy dippy peacenik don't really get it, call me naive but deep down in the bowels of my soul I truly believe that problems can be solved threw dialogue. Nothing good can come from a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran. Why poison the innocent folks of Iran and pretty much the whole Middle East, because of a tiff between 2 madman with their itchy fingers on the buttons. I haven't a clue of a solution, I tend to believe that the collective will of the people will win out in the end, but right now I am not sure of anything, we are either in the opening volleys of WWWIII, or we are watching 2 inane political leaders in a pissing contest, trying to prove their manhood. Ugh.


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