Sunday, April 16, 2006

Harpo Vs. The Press

o The PM has decided to go to war against the press. This all fine and dandy when you are up in the polls, and enjoying the false paradise of a post election win. But when the chips are down, when things begin to go bad,and the will, the press' dislike for Harper is going to bite him in the ass, a la Brian Mulroney, or Paul Martin.

How can a man who banged the drums of making Canadian politics more democratic, you know all the old reformer baloney, then in good conscience, muzzle his ministers with the treat of public humiliation, and limit the press gallery to just two questions, picking and choosing his questioner.

Methinks the honeymoon is going to end horribly Mr Harper. If you do not learn to open up and learn to communicate, the marriage might just end even sooner, than everyone initially thought. I guy can dream can't he?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be vewy vewy careful, how you address the President of Canada. One should not be branded as non-patriotic or siding with our Left Wing Press. God'll get ya for that.


4/20/2006 4:36 p.m.  
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