Sunday, March 26, 2006

Looks Like Spring Is Springing

es folks I saw my first gaggle of Canadian geese flying around town this morning. I would have had photographic proof, but in my haste to snap a pic, I pressed the on/off button instead of the shoot button, those geese could move damnit. So there you have it, that is about as exciting as it gets in Nova Scotia this Sunday morn. Canadian politics is dull as dishwater right now, and well its just too damn easy to bash the Bush. Where is the scandal, I am up for a good political brain fart, come on Harpo, your killing me, I have the need to bitch, wine, and poke fun. I need fodder, it is getting to the point where I wish the Libs where back in there, just to give something to write about. Bllaaa, bllaaa, bllaaa.


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