Sunday, March 05, 2006

Time For A Ben Mulroney Intervention

appy Oscar Night all. So I am watching the whole Oscar pregame, red carpet, celebrity suck-upathon. The CTV seemed to be showing red carpet coverage first, so like the voyeur that we all are, I peeked in. Ben Mulroney is glowing bright orange, it really is quite frightening how over tanned Ben is. So as a responsible citizen, I have decided to call together all his friends, its time to sit Ben down and make him face the fact that he might have a problem with the tanning bed. You don't look real Ben, and well I have heard that over exposure to UV rays have a tendency to make your skin age prematurely, so Ben please for the sake of your boyish looks stay away from the salon; you already have your dad's chin, if this tanning addiction continues, you and your dad are gonna look like twins. Ah, screw it I will just change the channel, ABC fake boobed models, are just a lot easier on the eyes, than glow in the dark Ben. Go Capote.... Reese Witherspoon rocked in Walk The Line.


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