Friday, March 03, 2006

The Corporate Takeover Of The US By Dubai

y Dubai that sailed the boat, by Dubai the sailor..... sorry just struck me funny, as I was writing it. Anyway, whats going on down south, first there was the whole Dubai port debacle, now comes the news that another company from Dubai that is buying up a British weapons parts maker, which sells parts to such visionery US companies as G.E., et al. Gee, I have heard of outsourcing but this getting silly. Hey Dubya how do you like unfettered Gobalization now buddy...... oh right these dudes and their ilk, a.k.a. the Saudi Royal Family, are all your pals. Looks like Dubya might be making post-presidental career plans. Hey he has been selling out the US for 6 years, if you need a deal maker with neither ethics or fiscal responsibilty he is your guy.


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