Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic Hockey Prediction

Started a new job this week, so my sleeping habits are all mess up. Because of lack of sleep, and with a lot less time on my hands, I will probably be posting a bit less.

It has been a bit of a slow news day, so I thought I would focus on Canada's Olympic hockey teams. First the woman, from what I have seen from them, outscoring their first 2 opponents 28-0, I think that they will repeat and win gold in 2006. I am not as confident about our men, forget about the whole Gretzky gambling thing, that is not going to effect the way this team plays. My main concern with this team, is defense, no Neidermayer, no Jovo, Brian McCabe may be having a heck of a season this year, but I don't think he has the defensive skills to play on the big ice. I also would have liked to have seen Gretzky put a coupla kids on this team as well.... I think Staal, or Crosby/Spezza would be more productive than say Draper, or Doan. It has long been said that Canada could ice 2 teams that would medal in the Olympics, I am sure this team will come home with a medal, but I am not convinced that they are going to win the gold. I think the Czechs are going to bring home the gold, with Canada slugging away with the Swedes and Finns for Silver and Bronze.


Blogger pinkocanuck said...

my bad i had canada and the czechs in the medal rounds.... the czechs could still win a bronze, but canada is gonzo.... guess i am not the hockey guru that i thought i was........ hmmmmm maybe if i say that my habs are not gonna make the playoffs, they will win the stanley cup....right.

2/24/2006 6:14 p.m.  

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