Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Gamblers

Wow, not a great coupla days for the Great One, his assistant coach, and good friend Rick Tocchet, his wife, former actress Janet Jones Gretzky, and now good buddy Jeremy Roenick have all been implicated in a sports gambling ring. The implication of Tocchet and Roenick are not surprising to me, but Janet wtf. To be fair it has been stated that these allegations are not hockey related, "its a football thing" according to Tocchet. Tocchet was not behind the bench last night during the Coyotes 3-1 lose to the Black Hawks, he reportedly was to met with the Commish Wee Gary Bettman. Roenick had 1 shot on goal and 2 minutes in penalties, in the King's 5-1 lose to the Wild. As for Janet Jones Gretzky, the Great One said that he has no idea whether she was involved, "you would have to ask her", he chuckled, (way to stand up for your girl Wayne) and that he thought that she would respond to questions in the near future. This is not a scandal of Pete Rose stature, but it sure does put a stench on a product in the process of renewal, and might put a wee asterisk on the legacy of the Great One.


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