Sunday, February 05, 2006

So Dingbat Really Is entitled To His entitlements

An independent arbiter has decided that David Dingwall is entitled to $417,000 in severance. Seems he did not resign but was fired, and therefore deserves close to a half million in severance...Right, um ya okay. I gotta get fired more often, I have to learn how to use the threat of litigation inorder to suck so cash out of my ex-employer, I want to be entitled to some entitlement.
The Tories are gonna be all over this because well I guess the arbiter's decision was made on January 20, 3 days before Canadians went to the polls. The Tories will scream cover-up, and that if this had come out on the 20th, well it would have almost guaranteed a Tory majority. Whatever, Dingwall is a dick, and well I believe he should pay the Liberal party a half million dollars as compensation for his dickheadedness. Yes, if this had come out during the election, especially in the the election's last weekend, it would have really torpedoed the Liberal campaign. The Tories might have won a small majority, but I believe that regardless of how sick the Canadian electorate felt for the Liberals, I don't think even with yet another Liberal scandal, that the Canadian electorate would be comfortable giving the Tories a free ride to govern. The Tories would have picked up more seats sure, the Liberals would take it in the ass sure, the NDP I think would have gotten a boost, especially in the East Coast and Ontario, and I think this may have allowed the Bloc to sweep Quebec of Liberals all together. Things would look different, but I think we might have still been in a minority situation. So go ahead my Tory friends, bang your head, scream bloody murder, about how you were robbed, funny thing is the more you bitch and whine, the less you look like winners, and well maybe next time around, the Canadian electorate will vote for progressive government, who will get shit done, instead of trying to beat a battered poltical party to submission, and whining about conspiracies, scandal, and a culture on entitlement..... please....get to governing all ready.


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