Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lets Go Steel Town

I hate to make predictions, especially in a game of the magnitude of the Superbowl, one can never predict how specific players or a team as a whole are going to react to the pressure that is this game. So I am going to tell you first how I feel in my heart, I really want Steelers to win, Jerome Bettis is my guy, and you have to give props to the Steelers, for their 3 road playoff wins (Bengals, Colts, Broncos). Which brings me to my gut, I have to say that my gut and my head are leaning towards the Seahalks.... why, best offence in the league, league MVP, fast defence which lead the league in sacks, underdog status, even though the have a better record. Here's hoping that this is a classic, I am pulling for the Steelers, but I won't be to upset if the Seahalks win....I mean seriously when was the last time Seattle won anything. Go Steelers!!!!


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