Wednesday, February 01, 2006

U2 Vs. The Democrats

I sat through the SOTU lastnight, GWB used his usual catch phrases freedom, hope, terror, evil, democracy, liberty, tax cuts.... um Osama, freedom, liberty, hope, Iraq, bla, bla bla. The most interesting part of his speech was watching the house mostly split in their applause, the democrats would sit on their hands, and the Republicans would rise and hoot, holler, and clap.... The two best moments were when Georgie made a joke about his dad's two favorite babyboomers being himself and Clinton and the camera pans to Hillary Clinton, wow what a smirk she had on. The second was the rousing applause the Democrats gave when GW said that he couldn't get enough non partisan support for last years overhaul attempt of social security. If the SOTU proved anything, it was that American politics is deeply divided along party lines, and with the 2006 elections approaching, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.
This brings me to the Democrat's response to the SOTU, the Democrats rolled out Tim Kaine, the newly elected Governor of Virginia. First off, what the hell is going on with that guy's crazy left eyebrow, I spent his whole response staring at that crazy thing, and chuckling, I just couldn't take the guy seriously........ Editorial cartoonists are gonna love this dude. Secondly, is this really the best person the democrats could find, I mean really, is he the new face of the Democrats, where was Obama? Christ Teddy K, is more entertaining then this guy.
Right, so what the hell does this have to do with U2. In my opinion U2 has not produced anything worth purchasing since Zooropa, in 1993. Even Zooropa is a stretch, but for the sake of having the dates match up with the Democrats, I will give them that one. The Democrats for their part have not had an electable figure since Clinton in 1992. So although in my heart, I feel that I should be a fan of U2, and the Democrats, its hard to support a band or a political party that hasn't produced anything of quality for 13 years. To Bono, quit snuggling up to the worlds leaders, regardless of the cause, and get into the studio with the boys, and produce something more than catchy radio friendly crap. To the democrats, get yourselves together, find a viable voice, a leader, somebody anybody that can rid the world of the asshats that are running the US right now. I really want to cheer for you, I want to be on your side, I really do, but my patience is running thin, get to work!


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