Saturday, January 28, 2006

Free Spin Zone......

O.k. so we are now what 5 days removed from Choose your Canada, Stand up for Canada, Working Families First, Ici C'est La Bloc, Elexmas 2006, and the most significant, most news worthy thing reported in Canada's "left leaning" media in these last 5 days is the renewed interest in asthma. Whaa.. um Hamas just won a majority of seats in Palestine, um the US wants to use Google searches to further spy on its citizens, and the worlds average temperature is as high it has been in recorded history, up 1 degree in fifty years.
Right I get it, there is always a media honeymoon for the incumbent PM, he won the media's heart with his slick but low key campaign, and his almost metrosexual turtlenecks. The media and Harper have the right to consummate this new found love, but Asthma, Christ I had Asthma, most of my cousins have Asthma, cats make people sneeze, and dust and mold are killers.
The second most reported thing in Canadian media was the Icy response of the American ambassador, to the Harper plan to protect Canadian soveriengty in the Artic, basically telling Harper that America views the Northwest Passage as neutral, or is it international water, pooh poohing any claims Canada might have over these waters. This forced Harper stand up for Canada, saying something like its the Canadian government and Canadian people that will decide what's right for Canadian sovereignty, not the ambassador of the US. Harper scored some more points with media with that one, backed into a corner and not wanting to be perceived as a Bush loving American lacky, he had to respond like that. What I want to know, is who is the student that raised the issue of Artic sovereignty in London, and was this a little gamemanship between two neocon nations or what. Harper, "GW, I need a little help, I can't look like an American lapdog", GW " no worries wheezy, um Stephen I will have the ambassador bring up Artic sovereignty, he is a bit of a wimp, you can smoke him on any videoclips that the media might pick up." Harper, "thanks GW, you da man, God Bless Canada, God Bless the United States Of America", GW, " I like mountain bikes".
On and on it goes, spinning out of control, until the honeymoon is over, until ssm is rushed to a vote, until the opposition decide to get tough on the new PM and his Con government. I had an idea last night, just to be a pain in the ass, just to get the Cons on the defensive early, why doesn't one of the opposition parties write up a private members bill calling for the decriminalization of pot, you know just to throw them of their game. Sure it might not pass, it might not even reach the floor for a vote, but the opposition has the majority of seats in the house, and the opposition parties all range from center left to left, why not push a progressive agenda, neuter the Cons before the even start to govern.


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