Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Heart Alexis MacDonald

Those of you west of the Maritimes might of missed it, but the most exciting early race out East was that of Alexis MacDonald vs. Peter "go back to your knitting" McKay. Alexis had at one point the lead in the riding of Central Nova, and it was at the point that she won my heart. Alexis is an up and comer, she is only 28 years old and really gave the soon to be ex Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party a real run for his money. Thank you Alexis, my heart is forever yours.


Blogger RP. said...

..and she's a PEI'er too!

1/24/2006 12:30 p.m.  
Blogger pinkocanuck said...

Oh ya, i just assumed because she went to X and ran in Central Nova, that she was from the Antigonish area..... anyhoo i think she has a great future in politics.

1/24/2006 2:01 p.m.  

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