Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Could Tory Claims Of Bloc Impotence, Act Like Viagra For BQ Campaign?

Stephen Harper attacked the Bloc today saying: "The Bloc's policy is the policy of impotence. It's the policy of the empty chair and that's why Quebecers need seats around the table of a new Conservative government." and this gem: "The Bloc has been there for 16 years, If it was there for another 116 years it could never move forward any important issue. It could never resolve a single problem or pass a single law." Wow strong words, Mr Harper, looks like he wants to pick a fight with Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc, a fight for the hearts and minds of Quebecers that frankly he can not win. If he achieved anything today he may have swayed some more federalist votes from the Liberals. But the Bloc is the party the speaks to the average Quebecer, irregardless of the sovereignty question, the Bloc has positioned itself as the only party in Quebec that fights for Quebec's interests and Quebec's interests alone. So an attack on Bloc's political impotence, or empty promises of allowing Quebec perception at the international table, aint enough Stevie, Quebecers know that sovereignty and its federal representative the Bloc, are their ace up their sleeve. Quebec politics is a spicy business, picking a fight with the Bloc, might just be what the Bloc needs, to round out a campaign that has been up to this point a free ride. The Bloc haven't really had to play the game up until this point in the campaign, sure they threw some shots at the Liberals, what with the Sponsorship Scandal, and the Options Canada mess.... But now the Bloc have been pushed into a corner, and well I expect that they will come out swinging.


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