Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blame Canada......

That grabbed your attention eh? But seriously did anyone just see the end of the Steeler vs. Colts game. Nuts, my Steelers were up 21-10, Polamalu intercepted Manning, and yes that was a interception, only to have the ref overturn it, 3 plays later t.d. colts, add a 2 point conversion, its 21-18..... the Steelers defence then swallow up the Colts like on their on 3 yard line, game over right... nope , the Bus is handed the ball, when whack, the ball comes loose, turnover Colts, the Colts now have the ball at midfield, yikes, the Steelers hold them to a 46 yard fieldgoal attempt for Canadian Mike Vanderjagt.... Vanderjagt hadn't missed a field goal at home all year...shit looks like overtime...but he missed my God he missed, Steelers win Steelers win. Poor Vanderjagt, this is the nutball who has blamed Manning for early playoff exits the last coupla years... funny thing that kharma Mike, I suspect your time with the Colts is over.
Sorry folks, I know this is sports sports sports, but wow I had to relieve my tension somehow.


Blogger Gazetteer said...

Of course, it won't take 'em long to dig up that the kicker is both Canadian and able to speak rudimentary French.

That will be the end of him for sure.

Especially if he admits to getting a commie-pinko X-Ray for free when he sprained his wrist in the 6th grade.


1/16/2006 2:18 a.m.  

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