Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why Aint Any Dippers Standing Up For Jack?

Shit, fuck, merde, seems that it has come out, that Jack Layton, defender of public healthcare, had a hernia surgery in the 90's at a private clinic. Damn it Jack, what the hell.... oh okay you used your Ontario Healthcard, so then you didn't actually pay for care, you were referred by your doctor to the best hernia clinic in Toronto..... and you went, and you were operated on, and now you are better... but you didn't pay right, except by paying your taxes, right so ummm what the fuck is the big deal right? If Jack's little diversion into the wonderful world of private/public healtcare is the worst thing that they can dig up on you from the 90's, then I say you are still the most noble of the 3 federalist leaders. What was Harper doing in the 90's... umm oh ya the whole conservative thinktank thing, creating the Canadian Alliance, pooh poohing all over Canada. Mr Martin well he was in full cut and slash mode, and blindly ignoring something that would become ah what was it oh ya the sponsorship program. Shit, fuck, merde.


Blogger RJL said...

Well, the Liberals never have been good at digging up dirt; they're just good at demonizing you. The Soldiers With Guns ad...

1/13/2006 4:41 p.m.  

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