Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tories Peaking To Early?

In the marathon that is Election 2006, are the Harper Tories peaking to early? Their early race strategy of a policy an announcement a day, seemed to have given them a dramatic halfway boost in the polls, one poll by the Toronto Sun, I think, had the Tories at 36%, the Libs at 30%, Ndp at 17%, and the Bloc at like 12%. It looked like the Tories had the big MO, like they had shaken of the scary tag and were looking like a viable alternative to the Liberals.
Are they going to hit the wall, similar to the last election where it looked like the tories had made a breakthrough just weeks before the election. Last time around the Liberals were able to use fear factor politics inorder to scare voters back to the Liberal fold. The Tories have been prepared for this tactic and have already counterattacked the idea of attack adds. So what tricks are left in the Liberal election hat. Martin has seemed to be getting up earlier then Harper this past week, the Liberals are now the announcement a day party, and well the Tories seem to have run out of new policies, regurgitate old announcements.
One such up-chuck was the Tory GST/tax policy that would see the Tories raise income taxes of the lower and middle class from 15% up to 16%, in order I guess to offset the lose of revenue from the cut to GST. Wow, if you are gonna hit the wall, do it going balls out I guess. The Tories always pride themselves as being the party of smaller government and lower taxes. Any mention of the Tories rising taxes has to make the voting public go Whaaaaa!!?? The Liberal Party of Canada, who by all measures have failed miserably this election, must be thanking the election goods for this one. Paul Martin even though he was being peppered about the Option Canada scandal, and the Goodale affair, actually had a twinkle in his eye, when he laid out the difference between the Liberal and Conservative tax policies. The debates are Monday and Tuesday, and I think Mr Harper may become the target, not only because he is the frontrunner, but because this whole tax thing is the first exposed election wound that he has faced, and wow if the Liberals and NDP are smart they will kick it, bite it, and spit all over it. Beware the big MO Mr Harper, if sports has taught us anything its that it is really hard to sit on an early lead, especially if you have stopped scoring.


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