Saturday, December 31, 2005

4 Out Of 5 Psychologists Agree That Liberals Have A Dog Fetish Problem

Energy Minister David Emerson is the latest Liberal to come out of the dog fetish closet. Campaigning in BC the Liberal cabinet minister compared NDP leader Jack Layton's smile to that of a boiled dogs head..... ???? whaaaa??? Now I am not really up on my Cantonese insults, but I am guessing that is similar in North American insult terms to say a shit eating smile. So well done David another attack on Jack, with a racial slur to boot, well done indeed.
Stephen Harper and the Consevative's must be living the dream right now, not only are the winning the campaign, they now see the Liberals bashing the NDP, and have mounted a pre-emptive strike on any Liberal attacks on them. The new Conservative Ad Campaign warns Canadains to expect the Liberals to use the remaining time left in the election campaign to attack the Conservatives. Wow an attack ad attacking attack ads...... has Karl Rove moved north, I gotta hand it to the Conservatives they have got game this time around.
Its New Years Eve, 24 days until E-day and folks all bets are off, I predicted another Liberal minority when this whole mess started, but I am not sure now, I am positive about 2 thing 1: that Canada will have another minority government, and 2: heads are gonna roll in the Martin campaign super structure.
Happy New Years all, all the best in 2006.


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