Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tories Offer $25 A Week For Beer And Popcorn?

Sunday is the one day of the week where I can catch up on Canadian politics. My stories I call them, start with CBC's Sunday, and then I watch CTV's Question Period. This morning on Sunday, Liberal strategist/blowhard Scott Reid made a comment to the effect that the Tory's childcare proposal amounts to nothing more then a $25 dollar a week stiphen that we the people will probably spend on beer and popcorn. Wow good to see that Scotty has such faith in the good judgment of the Canadian taxpayer. Arrogant off the cuff comments like that are political suicide during an election campaign, especially when the Liberal's opponents are painting them as arrogant and governing with an air of entitlement.
Scott Reid appears every week on Question Period, he sits in a roundtable discussion with fellow party blowhards of the Conservative Party and the NDP, funny he was conspicous in his absense on this weeks addition. Hmmm I wonder if Paul Martin gave him a talking to, I have this image of poor Scotty mouth duct taped, eyes pried open ala Clockwork Orange, being bombarded with Liberal talking points and maybe a smathering of election ethics..... I hope to see you next week Snotty Scotty, should be a firey roundtable for sure.


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