Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Liberal MP Wants To Ban Fiddy From Canada

Liberal MP Dan McTeaque wants to ban rapper 50 Cents from Canada. The hugely successful 'gangsta' rapper 50 cents, or Fiddy, is just about to begin a tour through Canada, starting in Vancouver and moving east, stopping in T.O, Mtl, Ottawa, Halifax, and Saint John. McTeague a Toronto MP, believes what with the dramatic rise of gun violence in T.O., that Fiddy and his Gangsta rap lyrics could lead to even more violence in Canada's largest city. Fiddy does have a criminal record, and he would need some kind of special ministorial paperwork to enter Canada, so a ban is possible, if McTeaque can garner enough anti gansta rap buzz. This is a load of horseshit.... sensorship, is sensorship even when its wrapped in the most noble of P.C. bows. The problem of gun violence in T.O and throughout urban Canada is not gonna go away by simply banning or sensoring gangsta rappers. How about tougher gun laws Mr. McTeague, no not a la the botched gun registery, why not ban the sale of all hand guns, assault weapons, everything down to but excluding hunting rifles. Ban the sale of bullets except for rifle shells as well. Why not spend some money in the inner cities, oh on gyms, community centers, schools, skate parks, ah libraries. Why not promote urban youth culture, celebrate it, fund some urban music festivals, try and engage the urban youth, strike a dialogue, let them know you care. BAN GUNS NOT MUSIC!!!!!!!


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