Saturday, November 12, 2005

When A Historical Revisionist Blames Others Of Rewritng History

Lest we forget, was it not George W. Bush that said in his State Of The Union Adress in um 2003 that there was creditable intelligence that Iraq had obtained yellow cake uranium from Niger.....which was a lie. Was it not Bush's Secretary of State Colin Powel, who was toddled off to the UN with trumped up intelligence showing "evidence" of WMD sites in Iraq...... was it not Bush himself that said that Saddam Hussien had ties to Al Qaeda, this also a lie. So what have we learned, well 3 of the Bush administrations reasons for going to war with Iraq where yes you guessed it lies.
Fair enough, Bush misled, lied, or was at best way to eager to believe faulty intelligence, inorder to push for war in Iraq. In his Veteran's Day speech he would have us now believe that it is the Democrats who in a deplorable play for political leverage have sold their souls to the anti-war movement, and are rewriting history, because they who once supported the war when viewing the same intelligence as the Administration, now claim that the Prez misled America to war. This he claims is an affront to the brave men and women serving over seas, and yes you guessed it very unpatriotic. Wow his logic is mind numbingly twisted. The Bush administration had done everything in its power to convince the American people, its politicians at both ends of the political spectrum, and yes the world, that Saddam was a creditable threat to the US and the world, they where able in their sick but brilliant way to convince many Democrats, and even some allies that this intelligence was strong enough for war........ and now and now my friends, now that most of this prewar intelligence has been rebuked, its the Democrats and the anti-war movement that are rewriting history. My favorite quote from the Bush speech had to be this: Bush said "evil men obsessed with ambition and unburdened by conscience must be taken very seriously and we must stop them before their crimes can multiply." Wow there is a man that really knows himself.... oh right he was talking about Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler, my bad.


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