Sunday, November 06, 2005

Some Sunday Politics

Both G.W. Bush and Paul Martin were probably quite happy to be at a conference outside their respective countries. Bush and admin are in a pile of poop right now what with plamegate, Cheney=torturelover, and the Democrats finally showing the stones to question the validity of the intelligence which lead to the Iraq war. Bush's approval rating is at historic lows somewhere between 39-35% depending on the poll. So although Bush would probably like nothing more then to slink back home to the ranch and do some biking, must have felt quite relieved to be out of the States irregardless of the protests or failed agenda of the Conference of the Americas.
Canada's PM must have been quite happy to have been out of town as well. Although the intial Gomery Report exonerates Mr. Martin, the stench of this scandal has damaged the Liberal brand irregardless of his attempts to distance himself from the Chretien camp. Martin who would have liked nothing more then to have come back to Ottawa with a Canadian lead free trade iniative for the America's, leaves Brazil emptyhanded, and finding his minority government in most polls in a dead heat with the Conservatives, and at the mercy of the political whims of the NDP leader Jack Layton, who holds the balance of power right now.
Although it must have been nice for both Bush and Martin to have been out of their respective countries, they return from a failed conference, with nothing to deflect the attention from their problems. So all and all, its been a tough week for the leaders of the US and Canada, and from I can tell it does not look like its going to get any better soon. Kharma?


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