Friday, October 28, 2005

What to do when you have Friday off......

So I find myself with a work free Friday, yipeeeee!!! So how do I spend this time off, well I do my normal trudge through the web and blogosphere, and while there is a tonne of stuff going on, nothing really makes my hair rise, I do not find myself moved by the Harriet Miers withdrawl, the Scooter Libby impending indictment, sure isn't as sexy as say if Rove was indicted.... um, Canadian politics, is there anything happening up there on the hill....blah, blah, plat.
The funniest thing I read today was the Mcleans article where they pysco-analyzed the Canadain Tire guy.... this guy could quite possibly be the most maligned Canadian icon out there. Nobody likes him, he is the Canadian version of Ned Flanders, yet instead of flaunting religion, this dude likes to flaunt his tools. Mcleans makes a great point that if this man is supposed to represent the average Canadian male suburbanite we are in trouble., down with the tools up with beer, and armchair quaterbacking I say.
Well there you go, like I said there isn't much going on out there that has compelled me to write, maybe I need a girl, further Bush fuck-ups, another Liberal spending scandal, a Bill O'Rielly mouth off, anything to get me stark craving mad..... or maybe its just good that I am for once not that pissed at the world.... must be the beer.


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