Friday, September 23, 2005

Mr. Klein You Sir Are A gAsshole

So yesterday I get a frenzied call from my mother: "How much gas have you got, there is a rumour flying around that gas is gonna go up to $2.86" umm I am all right i have about a half tank, put 10 in the other day... $2.86 that sounds a bit nuts i tell her, there is no way that the price of gas is gonna go up like $1.70 in a day.... i leave it at that, i zoom around the net i check gas buddies, a site that compares gas prices from town to town, station to station, nothing there gas is about $1.09 everywhere, so i check out the CBC, a story about how Rita might rise the price per barrel, but nothing about a drastic leap at the pumps that my mom forewarned. I continue to zoom around, until i stumbled across the story on how Ralph Klein is refusing to share his provinces windfall of oil profits with the rest of the country. Good old Ralph saying that the rest of the country is gimme gimme when times are good but never help out Alberta when times are bad, and heck the fed is getting millions from gas and Alberta in taxes and transfer payments. Okay sure, but Ralphie its the rest of the country thats making Alberta rich. Yes your province is blessed with rich oil fields, but without the drivers of the rest of the country blindly filling up at outrageously high pump prices, you sir would not be able to pocket and squirel away Alberta's windfall. As far as Canada not coming to the aid of Alberta when times are bad I seem to remember the feds offered millions of aid to Alberta cattle farmers during the whole mad cow scare...... so Ralphie if you want to excuse yourself from any kind of responsible involvement in the well being of Canada as a whole, build yourself a bubble, grow fat on oil profits, and then try to call Canada back in 20 years when the world either turns off of gas altogether or a real gas shortage begins, I am sure that the rest of the country would love to help out Alberta, considering how endlessly generous Alberta has been in the past.


Blogger Yaverbaum said...

bring on the biofuel! it wont happen til it *has* to.. so i say, RAISE THOSE PRICES! ;)


9/26/2005 4:38 a.m.  

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