Friday, September 16, 2005

Healthcare Smhealthcare.

Okay I am mad I am fuming. I was talking to my ex girlfriend on the phone last night. She is cool we are still tight, like best friends sans fun stuff, anyway she works at a hospital in Montreal, and yesterday while she was transferring a patient from one room to another she backed into 3 needles that were lying on the edge of a freshly made bed. My first response was sue the fuckers right.... then upon reflection, the realization that this is Canada, things don't go down like that. In the US you can sue Ronald Mac for millions cuz his coffee was hot, or recieve $230,000,000 from a drug company cuz an old man died from taking an arthitis pill.
What if the patient she was transferring was poked.... well I am sure then that this would have been national news, yet because my ex is a lowly employee, not even a nurse, well she comes in the next morning for bloodtests, only to be told to come back in 6 months for further tests..... waaaa!!! So this whole thing becomes another union mired, incident report cover up. Like I said I am mad I am fuming. My advise to everyone don't get sick.


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