Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Politicians Behaving Badly

Brian Mulroney, father of Canadian Idol guy Ben Mulroney, and of ya Canadian Prime minister from 1984-1992 (heady times, Mc Hammer, the Yuppy, the GST, Free trade, Meech Lake, the wall falls down, Wham!) has gone off. The Secret Mulroney Tapes, a Peter C. Newman Joint....... well Peter gave us a taste the other day and well....... old Brian has his say. From the Globe and Mail:
"By the time history is done looking at this," says Mr. Mulroney in a moment of self-praise, "and you look at my achievements as opposed to any others, certainly no one will be in Sir John A.'s league -- but my nose will be a little ahead of most in terms of achievements. Nobody has achievements like this, Peter. I can say that to you objectively. You cannot name a Canadian prime minister who has done as many significant things as I did, because there are none."
This this is Mulroney reigned in, he continues to go off from blaming Trudeau for the failure of the Meech Lake accord, to his feeling of betrayal with lucien Bouchard, that Kim Cambell was a vain bitch, who spent to much time with her Russian boyfriend then trying to run a competant campaign, on and on, and the language, Mulroney drops more F-bombs then a room full of drunken college boys....nuts.
Congradualations Brian you are the inagrual winner of the crazypinkocanuck award for politicians behaving badly, here's hoping it helps you boost your self-esteem.


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