Monday, September 19, 2005

Feeling Like I Have Nothing Left To Offer

So I spent the weekend cruising the web, trying in vain to find a story or opinion, anything that would stir my soul, anything that would enrage me enough to write a big fat scathing post about inpending demise of the species human. The first thing that caught my imagination was the Chirstian Right's adoption of the movie March of the Emperor, how the evanglists could draw parallels to their ideals of Intelligent Design, family values, and the endless march to Christ...... just didn't stick, bothered me a bit, puzzled me a little, made me shake my head, but really this debate is better left to the religious nut jobs, and their counterpart the unimaginative and rigid scientists. My opinion about the whole thing was waaaaaa? is this not a beautiful little nature documentry about the best dressed animals on the planet, why fudge the whole thing up with a 50 year old debate. Intelligent design can be taught in school in say a religion class, and well Darwin's theory of evolution in lets say biology, to pair the two off in highschool, is a waste of time, the kids are just waiting for the bell to ring in the first place.
The next thing that caught my eye was CNN terrorist/Bush admimistration playing cardesque depiction of the missing children that sat as a sidebar throughout the news coverage all weekend. Now don't veiw me as being insensitive, the fact that thousands of children have been displaced or orphaned by Katerina is a true tragedy, but I found it irkism that the names and faces of all those children were constantly broadcast for all the world to see, it makes me fear all the more for these unfortunate children.... first these children are being exploited by the press, and their faces, names and ages are now making it easier for more even ominous exploitation.
So finally today as I once again wandered through my favorite left leaning web sites and blogs, I stumble across the Bill O'Rielly story where old Bill says something to the effect that he wished that Katerina would have only hit the UN building, and that he would not have done anything to help. Repugnant, yes, scary, yes..... but I have come to the conclusion that O'Rielly is nothing more then a pawn in the GOP's media game, he is a talkinghead that livens up the GOP's talking points. Bill O'Reilly is to the right what Michael Moore is to the left. Both men were put on this planet to raise the ire of the people whom have opposite worldviews, and both men have profitted migthhy in those roles I might add.
So thats it, I haven't got much to add to the debate lately, maybe its a bad news week maybe I am tired of the whole thing, maybe I have lost all hope that anything good is gonna come from any of it, what ever it is, a penguin maybe, who knows.


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