Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Snooping Around

So I thought that in order to broaden my perspective I would spend the morning cruising the right side of the web. I am a lefty and proud of it, but if you only listen to the argument from one side you become nothing more then a shortsighted puppet without any true personal beliefs of your own. So I created a folder in my bookmarks called the bad guys, the usual suspects are in there Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter, Fox News, The Christian Broadcasting Network, the Free Republic, the NRA, and so on. Stirring stuff to be sure, but nothing prepared me for W.A.R. the White Aryan Resistance......I am a white middle class Canadian, I feel guilty for all the worlds shortcomings. So here I am on this site with hatefilled jokes and redneck propaganda, and I panic I feel like the CNN gps satellite is goona swoop down and expose me as racist, that the FBI and CSIS is gonna put me on some Redneck Militia watch list. So I had and internal struggle, do I add this to my bad guys list, or do scuttle off never again thinking about the horrible thing I discovered in the darkist reaches of the net. Finally, I decide if any one site belongs on my bad guys list it has got to be these fuckers right, now as to whether I will ever have the courage to look at the site again well thats another story.
All this brought be back to a discussion I had with my mom about what Bill O'Reilly said about how he wished Katrina had hit the UN, she thought that this kind of talk was nothing short of a hate crime, to which I said that I wasn't so sure, now the fire bombing of a Jewish school library in Montreal that is a hate crime, O'Reilly's rant was not directed at a specific group, but at an institution that he and his GOP handlers feel is obsolete, and unAmerican. So then what is the line where free speech (which is something I believe in and would support to the end) and a hate crime converge. Is a hate crime then religated to an action, 9/11, genocide, or library bombing, or can words which convey hate and in turn lead to action be considered a hate crime, I am not sure. That being said, and with what might be my first act of hate crime, I am gonna pull an O'Rielly and say that I wish that Katrina had hit the W.A.R. offices, and no I wouldn't help them out either.


Blogger Yaverbaum said...

whew! that's a lot of politics, jojo. i havent read a paper in ages, thank goodness for you!


9/21/2005 4:58 p.m.  

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