Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It Has Been Awhile........

So yah, I haven't written a post in awhile, because gasp, egad, d'oh I have been working. So well, whats been going on what has perked my ears lately. Well it seems that we may be seeing the beginning of the end of BushCo, I have heard rumours that the big dog himself Cheney might resign, add that to Rove and Delays problems, and well I guess America is beginning to see the light. Up here in Canada, its pretty much same old same old, the Liberals are corrupt, yet some how even thought Miser Martin was the finance minister at the time Gomery it is said has cleared him of all wrong doing in the sponsorship scandal. The Conservatives, well they keep beating the dreams of waste, corruption, and ethics.... Policy what policy? The Dippers well they seem to want to try and get some of their ideas through while they have some semblance of power in this minority gov't.... but nobody seems to notice, sigh. And well the Bloc, is well the Bloc, they have been relatively quiet... I guess the figure they have Quebec all wrapped up, why stir the pot, shutting their mouths for votes.
Been watching sports, what with the hockey back, the World Series, and the NFL, all on the go, I find myself plunked in front of the TV, more so then the PC. I promise dear readers, reader, ah, Mom Dad Bros and Sis I will try to write more often.


Blogger Yaverbaum said...

good, cuz we missed ya.

10/19/2005 9:21 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, here! here!


10/21/2005 4:39 p.m.  

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