Monday, September 26, 2005

No Headline

Now I don't wanna sound insensitive to the plight of the people in the gulf coast of the United States, they are going through hell and need all the support that we can give them, but I am sick and tired of the 24 hour non- stop hurricane coverage. Has the world stopped, is there absolutely nothing else in the world worthy of public notice.

It is becoming less and less rebellious to bash the prez, maybe its too easy,I mean if the people in his own party have gotten to the point where its better to hide him in the mountains of Colorado, rather then photo op him in his home state of Texas... ya gotta start feeling bad for the guy. Could this have been a republican style intervention, what with all the back on the bottle rumours? If he is drinking again can you blame him, the shit is finally starting to hit the fan, the American people were slow, but are now finally seeing that Bush is a boob, something the rest of the world had seen almost as soon as he was first elected. This may be because of post sept/11 shock or the brilliant media manipulation of Rove, maybe it was the sight of Americans laying dead on American soul, or the embarrassment of the shocking socio-economic disparities that exist in the south, which all the world saw 24/7 for a month.
So this is good news if you are a left winger right? I mean the republicans are losing steam, they have failed to make the American people feel more secure, their great War president is proving to be nothing more then a sham. Three years from now there will be a Democrat as president, everything will be right in the world. Right, right, a Republican can't win the next presidential election can they?
The Democrat's where ever they are, are missing the boat, its time to sic the attack dogs on the Republicans, its time to act like a Republican, hit them when they are down and hit them hard. Bill Clinton, God love him, after all the mud that was thrown on him in his 8 years as president, should stand up with Hillary by his side and spit flames, be as vemenous and mean sprited as his former detractors. It is time for the Democratic party to grow some balls, to hell with co-operation in the time of war, that kinda of shit only castrates opposition, and turns off voters, the anti-American, liberal intellectual tag is only gonna stick even more, if the Democrats don't come up with their own anti-Republican, or conservative catch pharses. How about inept governance, um, cronic wasters, war mongers, out of touch, pork belly politics, insensitive to the needs of the other 95% of the American population, cheaters, liars...boobs.
If the Democrats do not take advantage of what looks now to be a President and party that are sick and ailing, if they can not break through to minorities, and the middle class, then they deserve to lose the next election. It just looks so easy, the time for dirty politics is now, nobody believes what the other side is saying right now anyway.
So I write all this, I rant and I rave, but why? Why am I a Canadian so sucked in by American politics. Is it the whole car wreck thing, is it the constent exposure, is it the fact that I can rant and rave with out the responsiblity of having to participate in the American electoral process, am I just sick, is it because the Canadian political scene is as dull as dish water, or do I just simply like to read myself write. I am not sure. Maybe somebody should send help, is there a cure for adiction to American politics, a pill maybe. Anyway thats all I have got today, lets hope for some nice weather in the gulf, and maybe some international or Canadian news that might ween me off my American politics kick.....


Blogger Yaverbaum said...

admittedly what works is moving to a european country. we are only mildly interested and annoyed by american politics... although we are aware and see the same press conferences as yourselves, the focus is far more global. i too was once hopping up and down at the hypocrasy of it all... but from this angle it seems a bit farcical and .. well .. unfortunate for them. like, "dumb americans. ANYWAY, about lativa..."


9/27/2005 3:28 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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