Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jack Layton Is The Prime Minister

So earlier this week Jack Layton and the NDP decided to finally pull their support from the Liberals saying that they would vote against the minority Liberals in a vote of confidence. Wow, Harper's Cons, and Duceppe's Bloc must be beside themselves....right, ah The two opposition parties the Conservatives, and the Bloc Quebecios who have been screaming at the NDP for supporting the Liberals, and being in bed with corruption, now seem to have lost their mojo......afraid that a Christmas election might turn off voters, Harper and Duceppe now want to paint Jack Layton as the Grinch.... its now up to Jack to decide when to bring down the Liberals, neither the Cons, or the Bloc will use their Opposition days to call for a Non Confidence Vote.
Riddle me this how can it be that the NDP, who have a meagre 19 seats in the house now hold the balance of power in Parliament..... not that I mind, I am a big NDP supporter, and from what I have seen, in this clusterfuck that has been the Martin minority government, its been the NDP and the NDP only that has tried to get anything done.
So Jack I am for now on going to call you PM Layton, not only have you authored the only significant peice of business in this last term, that being the Budget, you know seem to be the only one with the balls to let the people judge you on your work...... good luck buddy, and remember every other political party out there is gonna want to screw you, trust no one, but hold your head high, maybe Canada will notice.


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