Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tired of beating around the Bush?

I grew up in the 90's, I was all about the whole gen x lifestyle, wore the combat boots, the plaid shirts, was convinced that Curt Cobain was the greatest American song writer ever. I also thought myself as a skater, huh funny cuz I could barely do an ollie.... which gets me to the point, I was at least by skateboard standards a poser, I was all about the lifestyle but hadn't the skills to back it up. The whole gen x thing was a kinda backlash of authority, not the only generation that questioned authority by the way but the one which I grew up in and damnit I will argue its virtues against, the beatniks, or hippies any day. Where I am I going with all this, what has this got to do with Bush bashing, I am getting there, trust me. The mainstream media, the liberal media, corporate media, whatever the hell they call themselves today, have finally jumped on the bandwagon and are now taking shots of their own at the Bush admin. Now we here up in the Frozen Socialist North, and yes the leftwing bloggers in the good old US, have not only known that the Bush admin were full'o'shit, but yes we have been screaming our lungs out for oh ah maybe 5 years or so. So now probably because of falling poll numbers, and well yes mounting scandals, the mainstream media was made what was once cool, hip, rebellious even, uncool, unhip, so are we now posers for bashing the Bush, I am not sure, but it sure seems to have lost its lustre.... or maybe has just gotten way to easy.


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