Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some Rainy Tuesday Canadian Politics

When you are a grunt, a workingclass lowlife, when you work outside, well most of the time it pretty much sucks, its too hot or buggy in the summer, and well its just damned cold in the winter. But nature which usually works against you, sometimes produces a day so miserable, so snotty, that yes you get the day off..... today is one of those days, kisses Mother Nature. So with this wonderful surprise day off, today I decided I should try and tackle some Canadian politics, funny cuz well, I really haven't written much on the Canadain political scene lately.... yes I guess there are some things to talk about, what with Gomery, and a possible Christmas election looming, its just I think, I like most Canadains right now are kinda blah about the whole show up there on the hill.
I don't think that we as Canadains are that put off by the idea of a Christmas election, cripes most of us aren't gonna vote anyway. Why, why aren't Canadains really engaged in the political process. Apathy, maybe, mistrust of politicians in general, probably, a lack of any real sexy choice to lead the country, ya that sounds about right.
I think that the electorate would like to punish the Liberals, for the Sponsorship program, I think that if there was any leadership within any of the opposition parties, that the Liberals would be trounced a la Kim Campbell and the Tories in the early 90's. But I can't see either the Conservatives, or the NDP garnishing enough buzz, showing enough political mojo to even form a minority government themselves. I would say that 60-70% of Canadians will not vote Conservative, or NDP simply on ideological lines, leaving the Liberals again with the uncanny ability to chew up the centrist vote, and well win yet another minority government. So we are left with what, millions of dollars spent campaigning, more Liberal spending sprees, a coupla or three debates on what maybe Gomery, um tax cuts, hmmm soft wood lumber, ya ya seperation, can't forget the Bloc, and and yes what is it ya ya health care. So after we have all gained the 15 pounds due to Christmas gluttony, we will wake up sometime in say Feburary, in the same mess we are in now, but with a maxed out Visa bill to boot.


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