Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ummm Torture, Rummy Its Finger Lickin' Good

The Bush Admin are without a doubt the most vile, malicious and evil sons'o'bitches ever to hold power in the US. Notwithstanding their lies which lead to the invasion of Iraq, the complete failure in finding Bin Laden, their famous tax cuts for the rich, while racking up the largest deficit in US history, and the constant fear mongering for votes. No the thing that separates this Admin from any other on the scale of evilness, is their support for and attempted legitimizing of torture. Torture ladies and gentlemen is barbaric. It is a technique without any proven interrogation benefits, and well no modern nation, let alone the only world Superpower, with their supposed moral authority should condone. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, all those evil old bastards that are holding court in the US, should all be charged with war crimes, the American people should stand up and scream that at the very least this administration should be purged from top to bottom. If the United States is the bastion of freedom, the proud protectors of rights and liberties, well now is the time for these great abstract values to shine. Stand up to the neo-cons, stand up for your constitution, stand up for the rest of the world..... its time for a beautiful revolution in the US.


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