Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pick Your Poison

Merry Elexmas one and all. Yes, the opposition finally found the stones to topple the minority Fiberal government, forcing PM Paul Martin to visit the Governor General and set a January 23 election date.

Most pundants are predicting a real mudslinger of an election. One that will see Martin's Fiberals try to provoke fear of a Reformatory secret agenda. Harper's Reformatories are most apt to beat the drums of corruption, and Fiberal mismanagement. Little Layton's Socialists are probably going to hammer the Fiberals with claims of broken promises, unattained Kyoto protocols, and failing education, and healthcare systems. Finally, Duceppes' Nasty Separatists, who are virtually guaranteed 50-60 seats in Quebec, are going to campaign with what is best for Quebec, bla bla bla, in the best interests of Quebec bla, oh ya and by promoting separation? No not that, worse, a national Quebec hockey team.

We are in the early going right now, but the first leader to really step in it must have been Harper, not one day in and already he played right into the fear mongering Fiberals hands by bringing up the gay marriage issue. Most Canadians even if uncomfortable with the whole issue have kinda become resigned to it, its an issue of human rights, and well, we as Canadians like to think of ourselves as progressive in the realm of human rights. Harper however, today may have gathered some traction from yesterdays slip, by promoting the idea of a Tory gov't cutting 2% off the GST in the next 5 years.... its hard not to support a little more cash in your pockets, so that is a safe move by Harper.

Martin and the Fiberals are about right where I thought they would be, first they attack Harper likening him to Scrooge, they then set their sights on the Bloc and theTories with boisterous claims as the only party that protects and promotes federalism.

The NDP and Bloc have been relatively quiet in the early going. It was a bit of a rough start for the NDP as on the very first day of the campaign their website went down, d'oh. Layton did make some spending promises to a group of university students in Toronto, saying that NDP would get the extra funds by eliminating any additional corporate tax cuts. The Bloc have made a bit of a splash by throwing out the idea I mentioned earlier of a National Quebec hockey team. Hard to say where they may be going with this idea, is it a cheap play to stir up Quebecios nationalism, electoneering, Quebecers love their hockey, or what? They would have one helluva team, compete for a medal in the olympics for sure.

I believe this election is similar to a football game, the team or party that does not fumble, that holds on to the ball, will most likely be the victor. Like any close football game, a late game turnover, in this case a faux pas, a blown photo-op, a regretful case of the misspeak, could be disasterious. So gentlemes hold your tongues, be weary of factories which might outfit you in say a weird condom- like latex suit, and for godsakes no cowboy getups.


Anonymous sadie said...

I have to admit, I'd love to see that cowboy get-up on Harper one more time.

Actually, maybe on Paul, Jack and Gilles, too. Whoever looked the least ashamed and uncomfortable, I'd vote for.

12/03/2005 10:46 a.m.  
Blogger pinkocanuck said...

I could see maybe Layton being comfortable enough with his own sexuality to wear assless chaps.... wow just got that image in my head and yes it sticks.... might work in a steelworker's town like say maybe Hamilton.

12/04/2005 2:40 p.m.  
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