Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hey Mike Klander, Um Ya I Wanted To Write Something Witty But, Um I Couldn't Think Of Anything, And Oh Ya You Are An Asshole, Phew That Felt Good.

Wow Paul Martin's team of young hot shot PR types are really doing a great job eh? First Liberal blowhard Scott Reid came out and said the Canadians would spend their childcare premiums on beer and popcorn. Now a Liberal exec from Ontario Mike Klander posts a picture of Olivia Chow and a Chow Chow, with the witty remark Seperated at Birth.... genius. It didn't end there, He then went on to post some even wittier remarks calling Chow's husband NDP leader Jack Layton an asshole, cuz he had nothing better to say and well because it was true. Good work Mike a racial slur, and then a disparging remark... wow what a wit. Hey Mike Merry Chirstmas I notice that Paul Martin has taken your picture off the Liberal Party of Ontario Website, photo and position vacant, how does that feel buddy, betcha don't feel so bright now. You know what sucks, I am not a Liberal party exec, I am just a politico bitch who can make fun of whom ever I like, so here it goes, wait for it, are you ready for the wit, you sir are one step up from an asshole, you sir are a dogs ass. Merry Elexmas all.


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