Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bush vs. Martin

The US Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins has warned Paul Martin and the Liberals to leave US/Canada relations out of the Canadian election. To which Martin showing a rare set of stones said 'I will not be dictated to'..... and he was hammering the US on softwood lumber... OK.... and the enviroment...whaaa?...... well before the election. Don't get me wrong, or better yet I will use a Martinism, let me make it perfectly clear, I am an as unabashed Bush basher as anyone, I think he is a dolt and a failure and has done nothing but make the world worse since he became president, but for Martin to us Bush's unpopularity (especially in Canada) to try and bolster his own, rings shallow to me. Let us remember that the Bushies are in the Whitehouse until 2008, ummm we could have oh maybe 2 or 3 different governments and maybe a coupla different PMs in that time. So Paul leave the Bush bashing to the professionals, like say me and leftwing bloggers like me, and fix the things like softwood lumber, and the enviroment the old fashion Canadian way with diplomacy, and good common sense.


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