Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dear Quebec, I Love You, Now Shut The Hell Up

I haven't been posting much lately, what with the holidays or is it Christmas, whatever it is, there is a full house right now, so I spend most of my time eating and drinking, and well just can't quite find a quite moment to post.
So what is going on with Elexmas, well we have the 2 strongest federalist parties screaming at each other about Quebec independence..... while the Bloc well they just sit back and count seats. I love Quebec, I lived in Montreal for 8 years, I believe its the greatest city in Canada, if not the world, so I have held off any criticism of the belle provence for a long time. So excuse moi whilst I rant a bit. The first thing I have to say about the separtist movement in Quebec is that I get it, my ex girlfriend is a francophone and well I have experienced the Quebecois culture firsthand, most Quebecers have no desire to seperate from Canada, but are smart enough to know that voting Bloc federally or even P.Q. provincally offers them a strong voice that is hell bent on protecting Quebec's interests. Politics in Quebec is outstanding, it is filled with spunk and passion, the Quebecois are most definately the most intelligent voters in the country, especially federally. The shear threat of a strong speratist movement in Quebec, sends shivers down the spine of any federalist governing party in Ottawa. This ace up the sleeve has allowed Quebec to dictate Canadian policy, and elect Prime Ministers from Quebec 3 of the last 4 times.
So what are the Conservatives and Liberals going on about, why are these 2 federalist parties poking sticks at the hornets nest that is Quebec independence....... well although it is a virtual impossibility, I think the knowledge that a majority government in Canada is only possible, if a party can pick up at least a moderate amount of seats in Quebec. My question is then, why are the Libs and Cons debating each other about seperation and federalism, and not making any attempt to demonize or attack the Bloc. The Bloc have a free ride in this election, Duceppe simply has to go along for the ride, appear in a few debates, kiss some babies, do some speeches in Quebec and Montreal and well keep is nose clean of any faux pas..... all the while he can sit back and grin over his egg nog as Harper makes promises that Quebec will be represented at any International meetings, and well Martin raps himself in the Canadain flag lamely proclaiming that federalism is in his DNA.
Harper's claim that the Liberals want a seperatist government to gain power provinically in Quebec, inorder to devert attention from the sponorship scandal and proclaim themselves as the heroic defenders of federalism, is well right at least in the point that the Liberals might much rather have the P.Q. running the province of Quebec, rather then a strong opposition, bitching and whine about all things federalist. The P.Q. is much more effective as an opposition then it is as party of power.... one only has to look at the labour unrest within Quebec in the last few years, to realize the kind of crap the P.Q. can pull when not tied down to the burden of governing. So yes Mr Harper, yes I think the Liberals both federally and maybe even provincally would much rather have a seperatist government running Quebec, at least that way they might shut the hell up and actually do some work for once.


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