Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Part Deux Winner....... Duceppe, With honorable Mention To Layton

Gilles Duceppe won the French debate tonight, if this debate was addressing Quebecers alone. Now if some non Quebecers, or politico nutballs like myself, actually seat through this 2 hours linguistic nightmare, then I believe Jack was the winner.
I am not fluently bilingual, I did however live in Montreal for 9 years, I would describe my French as functual at best. That being said, I can't stand the whole transcribed voiceover thing, when one of the leader's French, for example Mr Harper's, is really fractured, sometimes the translator has to take liberties on what the speaker actually says....... I like to see the leaders squirm, Harper especially.
Harper again like he said in his closing statement is not bilingual, he did his best, but I believe he seemed detached most of the night, and really did not add much to this debate. He was attacked from all sides, but because of his basic inability to reply effectively in French, he kinda faded into the background, almost looking like he was oblivious to the attacks and general debate which surrounded him. So thanks for showing up Stevie, but you really didn't strike any new chords in Quebec.
Martin in my opinion was the clear loser in this debate. He held his own last night in the English debate, but tonight, he looked like a spent force. Body language is important, and Martin spent more time stepping of the podium, in search of water I guess, then he did standing up for his credibility, or that wonderful record he likes to promote. He looked rattled much of the night, and even accused Layton of wanting to add property rights to the charter of rights, and for not supporting a woman's right to choose, clearly a question meant to be directed to Harper. Hope your attack ads work Pauly, your running out of chances to score.
Why do I say Jack won, at least among the federalist leaders? He was the most confident looking leader of the three, he was not as rigid and woody as he appeared in the English debate. He will not make a breakthrough in Quebec because of this performance, but I believe he may have taken some of the shine off Harper, who looked like a highschool student doing an oral French project.
Duceppe won by default, he was playing a game on his home field, basically with his own rules. He will certainly not lose any sovereignty votes with his performance, especially with his Options Canada claim that puts the Liberals and the Conservatives in the same evil, corrupt, federalist boat. And I think he might have been able to gobble up a fair share of undecided, or disenfranchised federalists, positioning himself as the only leader that understands and stands up for Quebec.
Will there be a bounce in the polls because of this debate, I don't think so. I am not sure how much attention this debate received nationally, so unless the spin machines can pounce on something that was said in this debate, I can't see there being any huge movement in public opinion. There is now 12 days left in this campaign, and the specter of PM Stephen Harper is looming large, all I have to say is what the fuck, why can't we the people somehow bring this wingnut down...... Time to rally the troops folks, do we really want George Bush Lite running this great country.....uuugghhh.


Blogger RJL said...

I was only able to catch some highlights. It seemed like a pretty quiet debate, no arguments like the previous night.

I watched the closing statements, and I'd have to say Harper won with Layton taking second place.

Martin and Duceppe just delivered the same crap.

1/11/2006 4:50 a.m.  
Blogger pinkocanuck said...

Ya it was pretty uneventful, Harper won if you can sum up a debate with what is said in a closing statement.I want your trust and power or whatever he said.... but he was a no show throughout most of the debate..... again another win by avoiding a lose....

1/11/2006 9:17 a.m.  

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