Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who Is The Mole In The Liberal Warroom?

Wow, a western Canadian conservative magazine The Western Standard has mysteriously received an advanced copy of the Liberal Red Book.
Except for the fact that there is no mention of Paul Martin's Nothwithstanding promise, and a call for a global ban of the weaponization of space, there is nothing really new or shocking in Red Book 2006. What is new or shocking is that it is now clear that there is a mole at work within the bowels of the Liberal warroom. So who might this mole be? Here is my list of possible suspects:

Scott Reid..... Scotty's beer and popcorn statement, was probably the first and most significant early blunder of the Liberal campaign. Since the blunder the Liberals have hidden their star strategist from public view. Could Mr Ried have been the mole all along, was the beer and popcorn statement a masterful first stroke in an evil P.R. plan to bring the Liberals down from the inside?

Michael Ignatieff..... The Liberal star candidate, who supports the War In Iraq, and the use of Torture as a means of interrogation. Skipped an all-candidates debate in his riding, inorder to attend an invite only event to fundraise for his Liberal leadership bid. Ya, the election isn't even over and the knifes are already out for Paul Martin. Now I am not sure if Mikey has any access to the Liberal warroom, but if he does, why not try to torpedo Martin and his administration inorder to expedite his own rise to power.

Belinda Stronach..... She jumped ship once, when it looked like Stephen Harper's Conservatives had little or no chance of obtaining power.... Funny how that turned out. So if she can be enticed to switch parties with a promise of a cabinet post, could she not be enticed back to the Conservative party with similar cushy posts. She is a charmer that one, what if she wooed her way into the Liberal warroom, and has leaked what she has seen to her former friends?

Those are my suspects, let me here who you think the mole might be?


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