Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is Harper Afraid To Appear On Liberal Friendly CBC's Your Turn?

The CBC and The National have been running a segment called Your Turn, it is a townhall question and answer segment, where Peter Mansbridge and selected members of voting public get to ask questions to the leaders of the federal parties. Jim Harris appeared on the program on Dec. 14, Paul Martin appeared Friday night, Jack Layton is scheduled to appear on Tuesday, so far Stephen Harper has not committed to appear, he might show up on Monday, but the National is not able to get a commitment from the Harper camp.
Why not, what is he afraid of? The fine folks at Free Dominion believe that Harper shouldn't appear on the show because the CBC is just a wing of the Liberal Party, and um wouldn't get a fair shake. Read this: Then contrast the CTV Bell comments, with Harper's Leadership contributors, on page 37 you will find that Bell contributed $20, 000 to his campaign:$200.pdf
Okay whatever, you can expect that kinda evil liberal (notice the small l)media talk from the guys over at Free Dominion, they are just parroting the opinions from their heros at Faux News, and the Free Republicers. So what then is Harper afraid of, I think it is a simple question of control. The Harper campaign has been a well oiled machine, and if you watched the story on CBC's Sunday Morning, you got a glimpse of just how controlled the Harper campaign has been, they wisely surround Harper with supporters, they control the access that the press has to Harper, and well every thing he says is rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed. The Harper war room seems reluctant to allow their leader to be subject to questions or debate, for which they have no time to spin or prepare to answer. As much as conservative bloggers (notice the small c) would have you believe that it makes no difference whether or not he shows up to a Liberal controlled show, the truth of it all is, Harper and his team are more afraid of their limit of control. Control of question and debate, is why Harper is winning this election, irregardless if the media is left or right leaning.


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