Saturday, January 21, 2006

Last Minute Rightwingnuttia Watch

We are approaching the end game folks. The Harper Campaign is trying in vain to muzzle not only Conservative candidates, but their almighty leader himself. Smart politicking I guess, wouldn't want a silly public statement to stick in the mind of a confused electorate as they mark an ex on election day. Kudos to the Conservative campaign they have played the game well, they stuck to their talking points, actually released a policy platform, and for the most part were able to shake the scary tag.
So I have been looking for someone outside the Conservative party, a right winger who cannot contain there joy and malice, at possibility of a Consevative victory. Ever since Rachel Marsden appeared on The O'Reilly Factor she has been on my wingnuttia radar, I have been peeking in on her of and on just to see if she might pull an Ann Coulter. You know say something so out of wack that I can say see, see, see, the right wing are nuts, they are crazy cuckoo. Well persistent snooping pays off, in an article titled Lots of Folks Can't Tell Left From Right, she said this about Paul Martin:"rehashing your stellar record as Finance Minister from the good old days when AdScam was in full swing hardly compensates for the fact that you are out of new ideas. Besides, that's a little bit like bragging about being the Human Rights Minister during the Third Reich." Yikes, now she isn't a Conservative Party spokesperson, so this might not reflect negatively on the Tories.....But if she represents how even a small percentage of how the newly revived conservative movement thinks, times are gonna get really ugly folks. Canada doesn't need Ann Coulter wannabes, we don't need neocon talking heads filling Canada's public discourse with hate, and twisted logic. Why empower these nutballs with your vote...Yes the Liberals are dead in the water, but progression is not dead in this country, for Pete's sake vote NDP.


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