Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good Day, Bad Day At The Olympics

ell there you have it, the Canadian Men's Hockey Team continued to stink it up and were shutout for the 3rd time in the tournment. Canada lost 2 zip to the Russians and fail to even make the medal round, way to go les boys. Who is to blame, Gretzky, Quinn, primadona overpaid professional players...... All the above. Gretzky has to take some of the blame, no not because of the whole gambling scandal, but because he was the man who picked this team.... These guys were Gretzky's boys, and well they just did not mush well. Too big, too slow, and no heart. Pat Quinn is a horrible coach, he had no clue which players to place with who, his lines were a mess, and the team played with absolutely no system. But, deep down you have to blame the players themselves, any time you wear the Maple Leaf on your chest, and represent Canada, you have to bring it. I can excuse them for their lack of speed, and offence, but this team had no physical presence, a Canadian team hits damn it, a Canadian team is not supposed be physically manhandled by anyone. Poor show boys.....Now go back home and earn those millions already.

On a more positive note we did pick up 4 more medals, Cindy Klassen continues to be the story of the Olympics winning a fourth medal, with a gold. Kristina Groves won the silver in the same event. Canada also won a gold medal in cross country skiing, and a silver in short track speed skating relay. Now I know we live and die with hockey in this country, but we can take solace in the fact that our women are still the best in the world, and for the most part Canada as a county is having a very good games. So chin up Canada we are gonna finish with 20+ medals, and that aint so bad.


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