Friday, March 03, 2006

Klein Loses It, Throws Booklet At 17 Year Old Page

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, while under pointed questions about his governments 3rd way plan for health care, threw a Liberal policy booklet at a 17 year old page how placed it on his desk. Klein threw the booklet and screamed I don't need this crap; it is unclear if Klein actually hit the teenager with the booklet. Ralphie later apologized to the page, and the Liberal party for calling their policy booklet crap.

I guess things aint going so well for Klein, it looks like Harper is demanding that Klein and Alberta abide by the Canadian Health Act, and well who'd of thunk that the opposition parties in Alberta would dare question HisRalphness.

Thankfully I believe this is the beginning of the end for Klein..... He has always been a little off. This was fine when the Liberals were governing federally, he was kinda the real official opposition, but now that his team, his guys are at the helm, it has become increasingly clear just how out of touch Ralph and all his RalphBucks has become. It is time for Ralph Klein to make that long stroll off into the sunset. It is time for him to become a private citizen, where he can live out his remaining days, lambasting homeless people in shelters, drinking himself into befuddled stupors, and generally making an ass of himself without the burden of running the richest province in the country.


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