Friday, March 03, 2006

The PMO 'Loath' To Co-operate With Ethics Commissioner

ell it didn't take long for the Harperites to respond to news that the ethics commissioner Bernard Shapiro has began a preliminary investigation into the Harper-Emerson affair. The PMO released a statement saying that they will not co-operate with the commissioner, basically saying that Shapiro is a Liberal hack, who has a history of contempt of house, even bringing Ed Broadbent into the debate. Seems Ed critised Shapiro saying he had "extraordinarily serious credibility problems". The hounds as the say have been released. The PMO is yelling and screaming for the need of an independent ethics commissioner or, er, a Tory Comish. This is going to get ugly, the PMO is going to claim witch hunt, the opposition can't believe it's luck, and me I am already having a good time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As soon as the unbiased Liberal appointed "ethics" commisioner finishes with Valeri, Stronach, Brison, Goodale, and all other scandal plagued Liberals, then we can talk. Until then, this is a fishing trip by desperate sore losers Liberals with a case of the sour grapes and the NDP trying to buy political capital.

Sorry guys this won't fly.

3/03/2006 11:48 p.m.  
Blogger pinkocanuck said...

whatever buddy... the cons ran a campaign based on honesty and accountability... than when harpo needed to put a cabinet together, he threw out "ethics" and accountability and it was all politics as usual.... the stronach, brison switcharoos were ideologically based... the emerson switch is nothing more than political oppurtunism... and if harper inticed, or bribed emerson into switching sides, than an ethics investigation should be called..... i am also not averse to seeing any of those fine folks you mentioned Valeri, Stronach, Brison, Goodale investigated as well. that being said, harper is the pm... he is the big fella, instead of flat out saying he will not co-operate with the biased "Liberal" appointed ethics commissioner, maybe he should have acted more prime ministerial and said that he would co-operate fully, cuz he has nothing to hide.

3/04/2006 2:52 p.m.  
Blogger RJL said...

I don't agree with what Belinda did, but considering she was able to win her riding under the Liberal flag, I'll leave her alone.

Emerson should be forced to run in a by-election to see if he can win under the Conservative flag.

Considering the shit Conservatives gave Belinda when she crossed the floor, the reaction to Emerson's crossing shouldn't really surprise anyone.

3/04/2006 6:14 p.m.  
Blogger pinkocanuck said...

ya the cons are a joke, they pretty much have renegged on all the silly catch pharses the used to win the election.. accountabiity, honesty, ethics, et al. they shit all over belinda, and brison for crossing the floor... but the emerson thing, is all good, he is just representing the greater vancouver region.. vancouver needs a cabinet minister right? just like the whole senate flip flop, mtl needs to be represented by a cabinet minister in parliament..right.. even if the people of mtl didn't vote conservative....the conservative party is no different than the liberals... they reward friends, smear enemies, and have no respect for the will of the electorate.

3/04/2006 9:33 p.m.  

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