Sunday, April 30, 2006

Random Bitching

ight, so I haven't had the time, or inspiration to post lately. It is not that I don't care, maybe it is playoff fever (GO HABS, God speed Saku), maybe its spring fever, whatever it might be, today I think I might fire off some short and sweet zings, just to let everyone know I am still out there.

Flag Flap...ugh not sure how I feel about this whole mess. Sure I feel for the families of our fallen soldiers, our men and women in the military are brave folks, and deserve our respect, I am just don't get what the whole controversy is. If anyone is to blame in this flap, it is the Harper government, for politicizing the whole thing.

Liberal leadership.....and now there is 10 er 11. Now there is a failed Dipper premier, ex all star goalie, a Havard intellectual....and yep even a dyslexic nut job fiddler. Is it just me or is this race starting to sound like the California Governor race a few years back. Where are the strippers damn it!

Softwood lumber Harpo worked his ass off to get a deal done with the Americans on softwood lumber. I am by no means an expert, I am totally unaware of what is in the deal, so I can not comment on whether it is a good or bad deal. That said, I have a feeling that if the Yanks are happy with it, Canada is gonna get it in the ass. The timing is subject as well....right in the middle of flag flap, Harpo looking for good press?

Budget....well the Tories are going to unveil their first budget tomorrow. The coffers are full, realistically the Tories can fund all of their election promises. This budget is gonna pass easily through the house, the opposition is in no way prepared for another election...sooo no new childcare deal, a cut in the GST...yada yada, should be pretty boring.

Thats all I have got today folks, lets hope things spice up a bit out there.


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