Monday, October 31, 2005


Jeepers, Harriet Miers doesn't seem so bad now, eh. Happy Halloween all.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Time Capsules......

My parents are moving on the 1st of December, so yesterday Dad and I are going through the garage, on a quest to minimize the amount of crud which might have to be moved fom one place to the next. Humans are pack rats.. in that garage there was old bikes, pairless shoes, moldy books, (I refuse to toss out books, my mission was to pick through these claim the good titles as my own, and donate the rest to a used book store) tools of all types, all sorts of treasures. Oh shit dad says, chirst I just picked up a box upside down...... like a crack in the space time continum, dad stumbled onto a box with love letters, pictures, birthday cards, and various other nicknacks from my university, and treeplanting years. So I bent over and began to pick through Joe 10 years ago, pictures of me as a dreadlocked treeplanter, me as a 25 pound overweight university student..... the letters, at least a few dozen of them, I quickly gathered up, with the intention of reading them as soon as possible.
When I was in university, I hung out alot with 3 girls, they were like my sisters, although I was secretly in love with them all. Reading the letters from these 3, one of them in particular brings me back to a time I would kinda like to forget..... we made an attempt to go from friends to more and well distance, immaturity, and expectations actually lead to the end of something that might, according to the language of these letters might have been great.
So this morning I found myself back in the muddled brain of a university dropout, maddly in love with a girl whom lived 3000 miles away, it was weird, but not really all that unpleasant. Kinda made me want to make contact again... just to see how she is, and whats up with those other 2 silly the way I saved the letters maybe 10 years from now I will look at them again, you know for a hoot.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Fun With Pictures

Oh what fun I had yesterday once I had figured out how to post pictures...... I am the type of guy that changes his wallpaper oh about 3 times weekly. I had this photo as wallpaper a coupla weeks ago, and I always wondered what was going on in these two nutjobs heads........ Paul Martin: "Look at me, look at me, I am surrounded by world leaders and cracking jokes, tee, hee, hee!!!" Bush: "Crap, was that a joke, I didn't get it, gotta laugh, look at that Martin guy, ha, ha, ha." Come and play the caption game with me, what a fine way to waste a Saturday afternoon.

Friday, October 28, 2005

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What to do when you have Friday off......

So I find myself with a work free Friday, yipeeeee!!! So how do I spend this time off, well I do my normal trudge through the web and blogosphere, and while there is a tonne of stuff going on, nothing really makes my hair rise, I do not find myself moved by the Harriet Miers withdrawl, the Scooter Libby impending indictment, sure isn't as sexy as say if Rove was indicted.... um, Canadian politics, is there anything happening up there on the hill....blah, blah, plat.
The funniest thing I read today was the Mcleans article where they pysco-analyzed the Canadain Tire guy.... this guy could quite possibly be the most maligned Canadian icon out there. Nobody likes him, he is the Canadian version of Ned Flanders, yet instead of flaunting religion, this dude likes to flaunt his tools. Mcleans makes a great point that if this man is supposed to represent the average Canadian male suburbanite we are in trouble., down with the tools up with beer, and armchair quaterbacking I say.
Well there you go, like I said there isn't much going on out there that has compelled me to write, maybe I need a girl, further Bush fuck-ups, another Liberal spending scandal, a Bill O'Rielly mouth off, anything to get me stark craving mad..... or maybe its just good that I am for once not that pissed at the world.... must be the beer.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Becoming Re-Bluenosed

I have been back in Canada's Ocean Playground now for over a month. When I first arrived, I had a really good snob on, I had been central Canadaized, I was a semi bi-lingual Upper Canadian and was appalled by the dreadful accent and bastardization of the English language that I was hearing from the small town locals. This snobery lasted oh for a couple of weeks, as I sat in my parent's house the returning big city sophistico I believed that I was. Dwindling bank account, and well a feeling of being a deadbeat son, forced me to re enter the Nova Scotia workforce, reconnecting me with the locals.
I am a sponge, upon returning from my very first day of work, I was cursing like a sailor and had the local dialect down. But now after living in Montreal for 8 years, I spew out sentences like: By, its after getting cold by the Jesus, c'est la la....... or Hostie, good night, will it ever stop raining in this good damned So I am a mess, I've given up trying to speak sans accent, and well the accent that repulsed me seems to slip put uncontrollably like a fart that pops out when you bend over. I figure I not quite an Upper Canadian or even a true blue Bluenoser, I guess I am somewhere in between, maybe I am an Acadian.... I don't know, I must sound some funny, tabernack.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It Has Been Awhile........

So yah, I haven't written a post in awhile, because gasp, egad, d'oh I have been working. So well, whats been going on what has perked my ears lately. Well it seems that we may be seeing the beginning of the end of BushCo, I have heard rumours that the big dog himself Cheney might resign, add that to Rove and Delays problems, and well I guess America is beginning to see the light. Up here in Canada, its pretty much same old same old, the Liberals are corrupt, yet some how even thought Miser Martin was the finance minister at the time Gomery it is said has cleared him of all wrong doing in the sponsorship scandal. The Conservatives, well they keep beating the dreams of waste, corruption, and ethics.... Policy what policy? The Dippers well they seem to want to try and get some of their ideas through while they have some semblance of power in this minority gov't.... but nobody seems to notice, sigh. And well the Bloc, is well the Bloc, they have been relatively quiet... I guess the figure they have Quebec all wrapped up, why stir the pot, shutting their mouths for votes.
Been watching sports, what with the hockey back, the World Series, and the NFL, all on the go, I find myself plunked in front of the TV, more so then the PC. I promise dear readers, reader, ah, Mom Dad Bros and Sis I will try to write more often.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Proverbial Straw That Broke The DingBat's Back

Its was a miserable wet Saturday morning. What better a time to read the Globe and Mail, The Saturday addition the fat one, filled with book reviews, NY Times crosswords and editorials. The taste of the week, the editorial candy du jour, is Mr. David Dingwall. Mr Dingwall, you will remember is the ex-cabinet minister/for profit lobbiest/President of the Canadian Mint who finds himself in hot water over his exorbitant spending habits at the mint and well some barely legal lobbying practises. Typical ex-Cretianite stuff, further fodder to the Conservative obscession that is, Liberal waste and Cronyism. Yes well ya, okay sure it seems same old same, the usual Conservative bashing of a free spending Liberal, except, except, get this, DingBat has the guile to charge the Canadian taxpayers, yes with pricey meals at exculsive golf courses, but get this, this is the thing thats gonna stick, Dingbat is charging the taxpayers for $1.07 for a pack of gum.
My favorite editorial in the Saturday Globe was by Christie Blatchford, titled "Money for nothing and your Chiclets for free", not only because I want my I want my MTV, but she makes it painfully clear that any normal person can barely remember to file meal receipts, taxi receipts, or even hotel receipts. A normal person, busy with everyday life, tends to lose track of receipts, and well a normal person would not have the guile to charge a pack of gum to the company... we might charge it to the company charge card, but to expect the taxman to pick it up, never. So I read on, finally resting my eyes on a Rex Murphy peice "The gum will stick to Dingwall", fair enough catchy title. The thing about Rex Murphy is that he is smarter then us all and he knows it. Reading Rex Murphy is a trying experience, a frustrating ordeal that has you longing to find the biggest heaviest thesaurus and dropping it on the head of this erudite blow hard. so I plugged away, brushing of references to Othello, and Oscar Wilde, I was 3/4 of the way through, when I read this "-he wanted the public to pay for his chewing gum- is, if not the straw that snapped the dromedary's spine", that was it, that was the straw that snapped this dromedary's spine, I at that moment threw the Globe across the room with an arghhh....Mr. Rex, yes you are my intellectual superior, but why oh why did you have say dromedary instead of camel, why Rex..... the thing is Rex, the gist of your column could have been summed up in well a sentence or even in your title, the lexicon acrobatics that fills the body of your column, is pure self promotion. So Mr. Rex yes you are my intellectual superior, and yes I could only dream to have your vocabulary, but get over it, substance over style old buddy.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Feeling Bad For Georgie

I mentioned in an earlier post, I think, that it has become far too easy, or just far less sexy, at least from a left wing point of view to bash the prez. With the appointment of Harriet Miers to the supreme court and with his downward spiral in the polls, the prez is now a right wing target, and these buggers are far more malicious with their criticism then any lefty could dream to be. Add to that the fact that Karl Rove has to spend all his time an mental energy protecting his own hide rather then the Bush's, it would seem that the prez is left to fend for himself. Yesterday, in what can only be described as a Rovesque move, the prez gave what the press touted as a major speech on the War on Terror, followed in the afternoon by a terror alert concerning a potential plot on the NY subway system, and well maybe the prez has got some of his mojo back.
Could this mean that prez is acting on his own, has he learned some tricks from the Rove propaganda machine, or has Rove again come to the rescue of his boss, and maybe himself, at least from a PR prospective. The Repugnants are notrious for their ability to deflect any negative attention from their policies by keeping the American public in a constant state of fear and dread. By having Bush spout grandiuosly that the War on Terror is a matter of great human importance comparing terrorism to the threat that communism posed in the 20th century,the prez is getting back to what works for him, he is the War president, he is the man who stands up to the worlds great evil-doers and fights for the greater good of mankind, the terror alert was the cherry on top of the cake.
But will it work this time, has the prez lost his stranglehold on the far right repugnants, are they not already distancing themselves from him and already looking for another nutjob to lead their cause into the future? The president who once had almost complete unweavering support throughout his party, seems to have no friends left, he seems to be adrift alone at sea and the life boat that was Rove seems to have floated in an opposite direction, probably struggling for its own survival.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Feel Twelve Again

I remember when I doodled hockey players, I remember when all I thought about was, when is recess, when is lunch, I remember school not as a place of learning, but a place where 20 or 30 like minded friends would bolt to the gym or parkinglot as soon as the bell rang, grab a hockey stick, bend the plastic blades into ridiculous curves and play. When the school bell would finally ring at 3:30 I would run home grab my own stick, usually a Mike Bossy Titan, maybe a Gretzky, and play some more until supper, supper finished the games would continue until dark.
One day I would be Patrick Roy, and I would make the huge glove save that would preserve yet another 7 game Stanley Cup victory, the next I might be Mike Bossy scoring 50 goals in 50 games, Mario Lemieux with 3 North Stars defenders on his back, winning the cup all by himself, or Mats Naslund the smallest guy on the ice but with the biggest heart of them all.
The year and a half long lock-out was tough on me. Hockey has always been an escape from reality for me, deep down somewhere in my subconscience, I've always been a NHL superstar. For a year and a half the glory that where my childhood dreams have been dragged through the mud. Suddenly hockey was not the greatest game on ice, but a seminar in failed Capitalist expansion. Like an automobile maker with too many dealerships, and too many models, the product and brand became stagnant and uncompetive and began to fail. Did this lock-out solve the problems that exist in the NHL, I am not sure, yes there is a new economic model that evens the playing field, hypothetically the Detroits, Torontos , and Phillies, are now equal to the Nashvilles, the Columbus', and Edmontons, in that all these teams have a limit on how much they can spend and not spend, that being said it is still far more sexy to sign in a strong hockey market with a strong hockey history, no one wants to play in a half filled arena. Has the lock-out solved the problem of the subpar product on the ice, again I am not sure, there have been quite a few rule changes, tougher obstruction rules, no red line, smaller goalie equipment, and the shootout. My concern and returning to the automaker reference,is that all these changes my simply be cosmetic, like adding power windows, a/c, a dvd player, to a car instead of fixing its real problems that are in the engine. The fact that all 30 teams survived this lock-out may be its true failing, there are too many teams, in too many non hockey markets, that are employing too many average hockey players. Funny how the NHL if viewed as a corporation did not go the way of every other failing corporation, and bow at the alter of the cutback. Funny even more that a pinko socio/humanist like myself would be in support of this.
But who cares about all this, last night for the first time in a year and a half I heard Stompin Tom singing The Good Old Hockey Game, I saw a puck dropped, I saw big hits, and powerplay goals, and glove saves, and yes I even saw the brand new shootout that everyones talking about. Last night I was twelve again, and man did it feel good.