Monday, June 05, 2006

My Take.....

kay so I haven't been blogging much at all lately...Maybe its work, maybe its a touch of the spring fever, or maybe I am just so bored of politics in general.

Then on Friday, the news comes that Canadian authorities have rounded up 17 potential terrorists. How does this make me feel, what is my take. Well where do I start, first, is it just me, or does the whole thing seem fishy, too easy, convenient. Maybe I am a lefty conspiracy theorist, maybe I am a naive Canadian boy, who figures Canada is immune from the wrath of terrorism. It just seems to me, that the Canadian coppers have stumbled upon a bunch of bored kids who as misguided as they might be, are playing terrorist. They have an internet connection, they have read up on bomb making, have been sucked into a silly game....Probably acting tough, to impress chicks, or their friends.

If this is a major victory for the Canadian authorities, and if a serious terrorist plot was foiled, hat tip to the people in charge of protecting us. I just feel, that all that was stopped, was a bunch of idiots, playing games. This is the best possible news for Harper, what with support for Afghanistan starting to wane. Harper can pound his chest and stamp his feet. He can claim to be Canada's great protector. Funny because I really don't feel very safe, when that guy running my country, is bent on parroting the foreign policy of the United States.

Be safe Canada, watch your back.