Sunday, April 30, 2006

Random Bitching

ight, so I haven't had the time, or inspiration to post lately. It is not that I don't care, maybe it is playoff fever (GO HABS, God speed Saku), maybe its spring fever, whatever it might be, today I think I might fire off some short and sweet zings, just to let everyone know I am still out there.

Flag Flap...ugh not sure how I feel about this whole mess. Sure I feel for the families of our fallen soldiers, our men and women in the military are brave folks, and deserve our respect, I am just don't get what the whole controversy is. If anyone is to blame in this flap, it is the Harper government, for politicizing the whole thing.

Liberal leadership.....and now there is 10 er 11. Now there is a failed Dipper premier, ex all star goalie, a Havard intellectual....and yep even a dyslexic nut job fiddler. Is it just me or is this race starting to sound like the California Governor race a few years back. Where are the strippers damn it!

Softwood lumber Harpo worked his ass off to get a deal done with the Americans on softwood lumber. I am by no means an expert, I am totally unaware of what is in the deal, so I can not comment on whether it is a good or bad deal. That said, I have a feeling that if the Yanks are happy with it, Canada is gonna get it in the ass. The timing is subject as well....right in the middle of flag flap, Harpo looking for good press?

Budget....well the Tories are going to unveil their first budget tomorrow. The coffers are full, realistically the Tories can fund all of their election promises. This budget is gonna pass easily through the house, the opposition is in no way prepared for another election...sooo no new childcare deal, a cut in the GST...yada yada, should be pretty boring.

Thats all I have got today folks, lets hope things spice up a bit out there.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Time To Question Jack's Leadership?

have tried to support Jack Layton, I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes he has gained more seats in the house in each of the last 2 elections. So please don't think me a traitor, but the NDP sit at 14% in the national polls, and for what I have seen from Jack and the NDP, I can not see a bump in these numbers any time soon.

You see the NDP, are supposed to be the natural opposition to Harper and his Cons. The Liberals have no one at the helm, and are well just trying to tread water, in the hopes of a bump in the polls, once the future face of the Liberal party is finally choosen. The Libs also represent the messy middle, and are thus not that far in ideology from the Cons anyway. I want an NDP leader who does not toady up to the ruling party of the day. Sure the whole making parliament work for Canadians, sounds responsible and noble, but if the ruling party supports policy that is diameterically opposite to that in which you might support, to hell with making things work, stand up make a stink. PM Harper knows that all 3 opposition parties are in no way prepared to go to the polls again. If an election were called right now, the Tories would win a majority. That said, the NDP has to show some balls, stand up Jack, the whole wishywashy why can't we all be friends thing aint gonna work.

Stephen Harper is at a point where he believes he can govern like he has a majority. There is no real opposition, the Liberals are treading water, the Bloc aren't sure whether they should milk the Tories for all they are worth, or oppose them for fear of losing their hold on Quebec. Then there is Jack and the NDP. I think the average Canadain voter feel meh about Jack and the NDP. The NDP is ever the bronze medalist or fourth place, miss congeniality never wins the pageant.

These should be heady times for the NDP, what with a healthy number of mps, not quite the balance of power, but enough to make a stink. It has come to point where that the NDP might need a dramatic makeover. This is a parliament where the NDP should shine, forget about making it work, stand up for something Jack, and for God's sake shave that moustache. All this said who could be the new face of the NDP? Sorry Jack, like I have said, I am sick of being in 3rd place or a healthy fourth. I want to win.

Everything Is a Mess.....

o I have been neglecting my blog. Yes I have been busy. I have been wasting my brain and time, on internet dating sites, it has gotten to the point where I have 6 or 7 girls on the go at once and well I can't keep up, and I am losing interest. Be warned of Russian penpals, they tend to really take the whole serious relationship to heart....They really seem to want to hook up with North American boys. To bad because all I want to do is talk Russian politics, history and writers..ugh.

I have not been totally oblivious of the news..Yes Iran freaks me out, and well this whole Afghanistan thing is getting out of hand. Am I concerned that Iran has nuclear weapons, well yes, but no more so then say I am that the American administration, yes Bush and Rummy have way more weapons of mass destruction, and well seem to believe they have the moral right to employ them. Do I believe that the US and yet another version of the "Coalition of the Willing" will pre-emptively attack Iran, um er yes, when are those midterm US elections anyway? How about the gases prices, military bravado and hotair sure do help the gas companies' bottomline eh?

We find ourselves in a similar situation as we did pre Iraq War II, the admin (now with their backs to the wall, scary) are thumping their chest, once again playing the weapons of mass destruction, rogue nation card. The difference is that our government, Harpo and the bunch seem much more willing to jump on the whole War on Terror bandwagon. I for one, being a hippy dippy peacenik don't really get it, call me naive but deep down in the bowels of my soul I truly believe that problems can be solved threw dialogue. Nothing good can come from a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran. Why poison the innocent folks of Iran and pretty much the whole Middle East, because of a tiff between 2 madman with their itchy fingers on the buttons. I haven't a clue of a solution, I tend to believe that the collective will of the people will win out in the end, but right now I am not sure of anything, we are either in the opening volleys of WWWIII, or we are watching 2 inane political leaders in a pissing contest, trying to prove their manhood. Ugh.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Harpo Vs. The Press

o The PM has decided to go to war against the press. This all fine and dandy when you are up in the polls, and enjoying the false paradise of a post election win. But when the chips are down, when things begin to go bad,and the will, the press' dislike for Harper is going to bite him in the ass, a la Brian Mulroney, or Paul Martin.

How can a man who banged the drums of making Canadian politics more democratic, you know all the old reformer baloney, then in good conscience, muzzle his ministers with the treat of public humiliation, and limit the press gallery to just two questions, picking and choosing his questioner.

Methinks the honeymoon is going to end horribly Mr Harper. If you do not learn to open up and learn to communicate, the marriage might just end even sooner, than everyone initially thought. I guy can dream can't he?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Iggy Decides To Run For The Liberal Leadership

o nobody's surprise Michael Ignatieff has decided to make a run for the Liberal leadership. He joins Stephane Dion who also declared his intention to run. Iggy the newby politicain/Harvard academic, is thought by many to be the early front runner. Personally I think he is nothing more than a neo conservative with an IQ. So hey if the Liberals decide to test there luck with this boring, frumpy, uber arrogant intellectual, I say go for it. The man makes Harpo look loose. Yikes, the debates between these 2 guys (should Iggy win) will be like watching two super computers playing chess. Who would have thought Canadian politics could get even more boring? I miss Chretien, at least he would strangle a protester, or go off on a non sensical rant every now and then.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

King Ralph Gets Smacked In Review

Ralph Klein says he is shocked by the results of a leadership review, which saw him get a meager 55% support from his party. I am shocked as well, I was thinking he would get a polite 70%, I mean he has lead the Tories to 4 huge majority governments, and been premier for 13 years. Man Bernie Landry quit the big job in Quebec, and I think he received 78%. Ralphie says he will take time to think about this result, and make a decision about his political future soon. Um, me thinks your done old buddy old pal, your party has moved on. The reign of Ralph is over.